Valda Pastilles teams up with Rico Blanco to soothe and cools you with a new music video

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Valda Pastilles, that menthol chewy candy that helps to relieve sore throat and give a soothe and cool sensation in our throat, just recently tied up with actor and rock star Rico Blanco to give everyone a soothing cool after effect with Rico’s new single “Time For You”, a new song that is under the collaboration of Valda Pastilles. The song is also used to carry Valda Pastilles message, brand and also Rico’s voice, it is also used for the new commercial and also music for the brand. The collaboration with Rico Blanco also makes him the official endorser of Valda Pastilles.

I learned from the event that this Valda Pastille started during the year 1902, it was developed by a well known pharmacist in France, a “pastille” is a medicinal herb turned into a chewy candy pill was used in the old times as a remedy for sore and itchy throat. It arrived in our country with the help of the trade voyagers and after that it was a best seller in all botikas in Escolta, Manila. Today, Valda Pastilles still exist and many people take this to solve their throat problems.

Valda Product shot

My first encounter of Valda Pastilles is when my dad gave me one, I was surprised because of the strong and tolerable cool menthol, and then during highschool, my classmate brought this in class to give way to others as a practical joke hahaha. Because of the strong menthol flavor, your nose and throat will feel a cold air sensation after melting one pill of Valda Pastilles.

For Rico Blanco, he shared to us that his uncle gave Valda Pastilles to him during his younger years, and today, he doesn’t leave home without it, because for a singer like him, he should take care of his voice and throat, because he uses it for his career. He said that in order to take care of his throat, he sleep regularly, always hydrate, he doesn’t over use and stress the vocal cords, and avoiding the “ahemmm” which can damage the throat. He takes Valda Pastilles whenever he is on practice and during long gigs, because it helps soothe and cools the throat.

Here’s my Valda Pastilles yesterday, I think I finished 5 pills hahha

screenshot of Rico Blanco’s song for Valda Pastilles “Time For You”

Rico Blanco said that the song is real and it was made for Valda Pastilles, the song Time For You can relate to the daily life of a person, life is not perfect, we have to chill and relax because love can soothe and cools.

Rico said that he enjoyed the collaboration with Valda Pastilles even he’s an indie artist now, he got the total freedom to do what he wants and also release one song digitally in online store or in Youtube. Fans will never have to wait for an album just to hear a new song.

Watch the msuic video above

A rep. from Valda Pastilles with Rico Blanco on stage

Rico performed the song live in front of us

All media and bloggers got a cool breeze while covering Rico’s live act.

At the event, Rico Blanco exhibit some of his personal items that is related to his successful career

Also included is a tin can of Valda Pastilles. He even showed it to us that he carry this inside his pocket.

Valda Pastilles can be bought over the counter in any drug store or grocery for a price of PHP 120-150

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