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Monday, September 01, 2014

#GlobeSlipStream coverage in BGC–high speed motoring event for everyone by Globe and Lotus F1 Team

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A high speed motoring event for celebrating Globe’s milestone as a leading telecommunications company to have 100 percent 3G network coverage nationwide, and also an early celebration for the completion of their 4G HSPA+ network nationwide to 100 percent at the end of the third quarter. This celebration is a treat for all speed fans and motoring aficionados, Globe combined the power of tech and lifestyle into one grand event, Globe managed to convert the streets of BGC into a race track and collaborated with Lotus F1 junior Marlon Stockinger and the Lotus F1 Team for the motoring event. There’s a motoring event at day time, then there’s a rock music party at night. The entire BGC is a big stage not just for Globe users,but for everyone.

The most highlight part of the event is the F1 driver Marlon Stockinger driving his new Lotus WSR Gravity Charouz Formula Renault 3.5 car around the BGC road. Globe supported Marlon since the days of his cart racing days, and now he won a seat as a Lotus F1 junior racers, Globe still continues the support and they painted Marlon’s F1 car and carries the Globe Tattoo banner. Marlon said that the F1 car we saw at the event is the same car he will bring in the next race.

Congratulations to Globe and Lotus F1 Team for the success of the event last Saturday!

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I actually forgot to add some watermark in my photos, but that’s okay, for me the most important part is that I saw a real F1 car racing infront of me. I haven’t seen a moving F1 car and I didn’t expected that the vroommmmm engine sound is a bit noisy and the high decibel to my ear is a bit painful, but that’s okay, it was a fast run and I can only see some dust and smoke flying away and the spirit of Marlon Stockinger zooms away as he stepped the acceleration pedal.

Its so hard to take a good photo if you are not using a DSLR, but I managed to capture some cool pics.

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Far away, near Mind Museum in BGC, Marlon performed a donut trick with his F1 car. Smokes burst out from the F1’s tire as he propels around the road. Marlon Stockinger told us that he did the donut stunt here only because the road is wider and there’s no bump.

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Marlon shared to us that he zooms 200kmph in one street, but its just a minimal speed for him here in BGC, the most important part is that he needs to be careful and no accidents. He zooms to 200 in a short distance. Then we learned that he speeds up to 300+ kmph when he is in actual race.
wow oh wow!

Marlon Stockinger rides his F1 in 3 separate run. per run around BGC is three laps.

At the event, Globe Slipstream invited a bunch of motoring clubs and motoring brands to join the exhibition run around BGC road.

One of the featured brand is Ducati.

Kart racers are also invited to participated at the exhibition run, at later afternoon there’s a Kart racing exhibition with the celebs and VIP. I heard that there’s a Karting fan who joined and beats Marlon, the guy won 2nd place.

We also spotted Ding Dong Dantes all geared up with his Ducati bike.

The exhibition run started with the bikes, then car clubs and the sports cars.

The vintage cars did well in the exhibition run. I didn’t expected that we can spot this kind of car here at Globe Slipstream.

Benz and Bimmers are seeing running side to side.

Sports car mania!!! Lamborghini Aventador

Audi 2008

Ferrari 458

The crowd…. btw that’s Benj, media reporter for a broadsheet

Marlon Stockinger zoomsss again for his 2nd run.

Me and the rest of bloggers went to the pit exhibit of some motoring clubs, we spotted the Ducati and the sports cars parked at this area. We got a close look with the machines and talked to some Ducati riders.

I heard this guy is a motoring celeb

Marlon Stockinger arrives at the media area for some Q and A and also press con.

I asked a question to him.

What’s inside the mind of a race driver ???

He just said that he doesn’t want to crash and make sure that everyone are safe.

“Don't' crash is the first thing. For me its about trying to enjoy, I'm very honored that I can do something like this, I don't get over speeding ticket, that's really nice that I can do whatever I want, for me is to enjoy it because you have the passion for this thing.” – Marlon Stockinger

For me that’s the best answer! don’t crash!

It was a short 5 minute talk with Marlon Stockinger and it’s a fun talk with him, he went back to the road and drove his F1 car again for the last run.

He mentioned that he will do a donut trick here in Mind Museum, it’s the last trick. We went here to wait for his fly by, but he performed the trick at the other side of the road hahahaha. That’s me recording the fly by with this Nokia Lumia 930.

Marlon Stockinger slows down and wave good bye to everyone present here at the Globe Slipsteam

All roads are in red light.

We also got a great chat with Peter Bithos of Globe, he thank us for coming and we have to watch out for Globe Slipstream 2.0 next year, he also teased us about the upcoming LTE-A, I think this will come up early next year.

After the motoring event, we transferred to BGC covered tent to watch the concert. I went to a bar nearby to watch the Gilas match vs. Croatia in the FIBA game, then after one hour, I went back to watch the concert. I was in the right timing for UP Dharma Down.

In my background is UP Dharma Down performing their hits.

The lights were colorful, the video visuals are awesome and the music of UP Dharma down possessed me for 30 minutes and I never stop thumping my feet with their music.

Party with the girls…that’s Myrn’s daughter and her classmates.

PBNET and Globe!

Thanks everyone for reading my coverage!

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