Hot Wheels McDo Happy Meal toys (Sept 2014)

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Me and my son Ashton were in the mall yesterday, we went there after visiting the doctor for his check up, so we went to Toy Kingdom to hunt for two Team Hot Wheels : Origin of Awesome line of toy cars, we didn’t found any but we decided to check it also in SM Store. There we bought some 2014 edition Hot Wheels, we took the advantage of that Buy Two take One promo and we’re happy that we saved another PHP99 for an extra toy car.

Then we went to McDonalds to check out their Happy Meal toys and we are surprised to see that they are launching the Hot Wheels toy line for 2014. It’s a big shock, so me and Ashton talked and I told him that I’ll buy two Happy Meal, he can take the cars while the burgers is for her mom Lace and auntie Liza.

Its hard to choose because the 4 models are awesome!

So we grabbed the Turbo Turret and the Bone Shaker Hot Wheels.
It’s a bit bigger than the die cast metal version, but this plastic toy cars are so accurate in copying the metal version.

Btw, the Hot Wheels toys are for boys, but there’s also a Barbie mini doll Happy Meal toys for girls. Which I observe are more the best seller in McDonalds.

so here’s the packaging. There’s a plastic air blower that serves as a launcher for the toy car. You have to insert the car and press the air blower launcher to launch away the car.

Here’s what it look from out of the packaging. Its bigger than the original die cast metal Hot Wheels but its still a playable toy for kids.

I’m glad that the sticker is not too many.

I also learned that I can buy a Happy Meal for a PHP75. That’s one burger and one orange juice, plus the toy comes in with a special carton package.

ok time to collect them all!