Fun Carnival toys in Jollibee Kids Meal (Sept 2014)

I was reminded to buy some pasalubong for the family, and sympre I went to Jollibee to buy some burgers, spaghetti and fries. There I saw the new Jollibee Kiddie Meal toy set, featuring : Fun Carnival.

It’s a three set of carnival rides that operates with a lever and some gears, you can connect the three fun carnival rides to have one mini carnival. Each Jollibee characters are seen via stickers on each fun carnival rides.

I bought two set and will check if Ashton will love this.

Here’s the mini fun carnival.

Ashton played this for hours at home and he added this to his toy collection. After a few days, I went back to Jollibee to grab the Airplane Spiral, but its now out of stock..arghhhh

Btw, I just noticed a flaw on the design of connecting the fun cars and the ships away, the gears didn't connect properly  and you have to operate it separately in order for the vehicles to move.