Some speculation and ideas about Manny V. Pangilinan's tweet

mvp tweet

Manny V. Pangilinan tweeted this two days ago via, Many people started to think and guess what will be his important announcement.

Later at 11am, the information will be unveiled by MVP himself, I don't know what's the big news, and his tweet is like related to TV5, but my invitation later is from another brand owned by him. It looks that its very important and I'm going later.

Here are some speculated ideas about MVP's announcement later

1. Getting married
2. Stepping down as CEO
3. Announcement of SMART new team
4. Launch of LTE-A powered by SMART
5. PH to host the next FIBA
6. Bought an airline
7. Free internet for a week
8. Refund for Smart subscribers
9. Retire
10. Buys another company
11. to enter politics

or he will buy the tv series "Be Careful with my heart" and extend another series run after its last eps on Nov 24 in ABS CBN.

I was reading some discussions on Twitter and the tweets below are funny

tweet teddy