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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dinner with and new managing director Mauro Cocchieri at Paris Delice ( it’s a blog post about food panda ph )

Food delivery service is a service that we always wish for, we love to stay home or just go busy with our work in the office and we don’t have the time to prepare for our lunch or snacks, the only thing we can do is order food via phone or go online.

Fast food chains that are the most active in food delivery because they have the manpower to handle but then it can’t accommodate everyone and sometimes we don’t want to wait for too long and also we can’t even customize our for example, I want a schedule breakfast or lunch in every other day. Its impossible to have that service to other food chains and restaurant, but we now have it via the online service of Food Panda.

I’m not familiar with Food Panda Philippines’ food delivery service, I just saw their never ending advertisement on Facebook and I already got tempted to install their app on my phone, but then I learned that Food Panda --- known as the best and number 1 food delivery market place in the world… is not really a food deliver service provider!!! yes that’s right, I mentioned above ^^ (look up)

Food Panda is a food delivery market place – they provide you the list of food and price, and also they can book you a scheduled delivery and also pay it via credit card or even Paypal! the one who will deliver the food is the restaurants.

Their service looks great when you hear what they can do for you, but I haven’t tried it personally because our area here in Cavite are not yet covered by their service. But I do heard that they are expanding and they will soon reach the vicinity of – Las Pinas, Alabang, Paranaque, Sta Rosa, Laguna.. I told them that they should add Cavite, because we have some good restaurants here and we love to stay home and wait for the food to come.

I really love to have that scheduled food delivery, like there’s a packed dinner delivered for me every Friday night.
Food Panda operates in 40 countries, it includes India, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, , Hong Kong, Philippines, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Serbia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Algeria.

you can check out their website
and you can also install their ordering app available in iOs and Android.


I’ve learned many things about Food Panda, but I can share some here in my blog, because I didn’t take notes right away when we had a conversation with their new appointed managing director for Food Panda Philippines.

We met their new managing director named Mauro Cocchieri, an Italian guy who worked with a series of start ups and companies that are big in the digital industry, he is here with us to power up Food Panda PH and expand its service from all key cities of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Our meet up is held here in Paris Delice in Makati Ave.


We met the team Food Panda PH here in Paris Delice, I’m still clueless here because I don’t know what they can do and I’m glad that Mauro started a nice introduction about himself and about their company.


Paris Delice iced tea in a bottle.
looks cheap..but its good! Paris Delice is also one of the partners of Food Panda PH, they can deliver any food within 60 minutes or less.

Btw Mauro is a former managing director for Lazada Philippines, and now he’s here to power up Food Panda PH

According to Mauro – “Philippines is a market that’s more than ready for the innovation that foodpanda is. Being ‘out there’ and very visible in cites around the Philippines that presents huge potential in terms of the service foodpanda provides will greatly help in seeding to the people’s mind that we exist, and we are here to attend to their food delivery needs.

Committed to giving our customers the best online food ordering experience, we have decided to tie up with restaurants that are dedicated on giving our customers the optimum service; on time delivery, fast response to customer inquiries, and over all, make the customers enjoy their food and worry less about anything that involves food.

I actually see myself more of an ambassador of customer experience rather than a manager, after all, it really are the customers who we deem most important. In this kind of business, a good feedback goes a long way, same with a negative one. So we always want to make sure that customers are satisfied, and use that to drive us to excel on what we are doing. Ease of access for both customer and vendor is also a priority, and with this bold and risky move, we believe it will be easier to give that to them. With a strong team and clear vision, rest assured foopanda is more than ready for this next step and will definitely succeed

We want to offer choices, and we believe that it is very important that all the ‘cravings’ of Filipinos are met and satisfied. In that way, we are able to provide excellent customer service and experience.”

DSC_0034 DSC_0036
DSC_0033 DSC_0032

“Customers are in for a better online food ordering experience. A more seamless and fun foodpanda experience is coming,” - Mauro Cocchieri

I’m glad that our blogger friend Earth Rullan of shared to us that she uses Food Panda PH in ordering food. She told us that its fast and a reliable food ordering and delivery service. She even requested that they should limit the delivery time, their normal turn around time is 70 minutes, (but after a few days, they change it to 60 minutes) delivery time.

Mauro told us that there are times that the delivery guy might encounter traffic or weather disturbance, that’s why their delivery schedule is around 60 minutes or less. More time to deliver and the food is freshly prepared for you.

here’s a sample app of Food Panda PH that you can use it any time and anywhere

foodpanda 2 foodpanda 3foodpanda 4 foodpanda 6foodpanda 7 foodpanda 8foodpanda 5 foodpanda 1

What I like here in Food Panda PH is that they partner with the small food company or resto, not only the big time or casual restaurants, they also partner with the best seller lechon manok store or crispy pata. As long as there’s a demand for food, they will butt in and offer their food marketplace and delivery.

I also learned that Food Panda PH doesn’t have their own delivery crew, Mauro told us that they can only offer the food ordering and also transaction. They will focus there and then focus on the convenience of food order and delivery.

Give Food Panda PH a try… visit their website
or Facebook page for more info and announcements --

here are some food that we have in Paris Delice

Some kind of torpedo bacon and ham sandwich


Earth loves these buns


I took home some hahaha


Grab and run.. you can grab some pasta, salad and sandwiches here in Paris Delice.
Their salad are good!













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