Here's my Veems app chibi avatar

Thanks to Irene Enriquez of Veems for sending this cute chibi art avatar for my Veems profile. Thanks also to the Jhen Justiniano for creating the artwork for their Veemers. They created a contest in their Facebook page and winners will get a one of a kind Veemer chibi artwork.
I haven't featured Veems yet here in my blog, and I'm a heavy user of this app because I love to share and publish my photos with audio. I consider Veems as my blog too, you can check my post there and see my Veems stories. Just install Veems in your Android or iOS device. then add me @ popazrael in Veems.

check out also other chibi art of Veemers

Post by Veems.

About Veems
Veems is a photo sharing app with a TWIST: snap a picture & record 4 seconds of voice/sound!

Veems lets you express your voice by creating photos with sound and sharing them with friends and the community of Veemers. Add your unique take on any users photo by ReVoicing their image – make us laugh out loud, smile, or find support through our exclusive feature.

Now introducing private messaging to find an even closer connection to Veemers like you. Open the app to join the #VeemingRevolution now!

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