Niu by Vikings: the next level of luxury dining located in SM Aura Premier

If there is fine and casual dining, then we also have the luxury dining. We know that the only luxurious dining can be experienced in a luxury hotel with restaurant buffet and also at some posh or up scale restaurants.

But now we can have the luxury dining experience by just paying a PHP1,000++ price, just like the ordinary Vikings buffet restaurant we know in SM MOA and other branches, the PHP888 price or at PHP1,000++ , Vikings will let you enjoy the delicious cuisines prepared by top chefs. In every bite of food, you will enjoy not only the comfortable set up and view, but also the concept of dining like a viking.

But the concept of Vikings was from the year 2011 from where they started. The dining is like a war zone because space were limited ( war zone, means that its crowded and too many people at the buffet area).

It’s a booming buffet resto business from 2011-present, we want more and we want to have a new level of dining.

From the makers of Vikings luxury buffet restaurant, the Vikings Group team brought to us the 9th Vikings branch that is far more different from the rest of the Vikings restaurants.

Enter: Niu by Vikings.


Here’s the place where you can experience the best dining experience without lifting a finger or foot.

Niu is a Viking word meaning "nine", the name is significant for the Vikings group to put up their 9th Vikings branch here in the Philippines.

Niu prepares the best selected food from the Mediterranean, Chinese, & Japanese to French and Italian cuisines. All food are freshly prepared and handpicked by the top chefs.

Interiors and the ambiance are marked with elegance and glamour, Niu by Vikings will amaze every first time diners and also it’s an eye candy for girls who love European style set up. For the guys, our eye candy are focus on the meat, meat, meat and oily roasted meat at the buffet section. For kids, the first thing that they can see are the ice cream, candies and the dessert section.

I super enjoyed my test and try---dining experience here and I super recommend it. And yes, I will bring my family here next time to show to them the best of dining here in Manila.


The food tasters, food bloggers and food writers were invited to try Niu by Vikings. We stationed ourselves here in this room with nice interiors and with paintings with vintage feeling. I learned from a fellow blogger who went here during the 1st week launch of Niu and she said that you can ask then to help you get your food from the buffet area, if you are tired of walking in and out of your table and going to the long buffet table.


Yes, the buffet table here in Niu by Vikings is a long stretch of food from different cuisines. Its like doing a cross fit training walking back and forth from the buffet to your table. I got tired and I just took 4 plates for that evening. I already skipped the dessert but enjoyed an iced cold beer and chats with my blogger friends.


Here are the rates of Niu by Vikings:
Adult: PHP 1,088 + 5% service charge - every weekday lunch
PHP 1,388 + 5% service charge - weekday dinner and weekends
For kids: Eat free for kids below 3 ft or 3 years old
for lunch : PHP 288 for kids 4 years old to 7 years old
: PHP 488 for kids 8-10 years old
for dinner and weekends: PHP 388 for kids 3-7 years old
: PHP 688 for kids 8-10 years old
50% discount Senior Citizen 75 years old and above

There are types of dining area, you can place a reservation if you want to dine in these table set up
1. Restaurant type

2. Sofa type and 3. Business table type

( I just named this types by myself)


Here’s my dining table. Their kubyertos are so beautiful.


Here’s the entrance to Niu by Vikings.
A tall lady in purple dress will approach you to check your table reservations


My view as I step inside the Niu by Vikings.
Its all sparkling shimmering splendid kind of view. Very impressive!


The start of the buffet herein Niu by Vikings.
Dessert comes first….


That’s me finishing my 3rd plate. I also did some video of my experience which I will upload soon for our online show 4TB.


We also met the Chef and the su Chef here in Niu by Vikings. I didn’t got a chance to interview them, because my tummy is so full. hahaa.

Niu by Vikings
Phone: 478-3888, 847-3888, 0917-586-6888, 0919-999-6888
Address: SM Aura Premier, 26th Street Corner McKinley Parkway1630 Taguig

Here are my photos of the entire buffet here in Niu by Vikings

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