Review: The Walking Dead: Haunted Prison House in Eastwood Central Park (opens October 31 until November 9)


Happy Halloween to all!

Zombies are the nastiest horror creature ever!! If you want to experience a different horror then I challenge you to try enter the new horror house in Eastwod City. Try and enter The Walking Dead: Haunted Prison in Eastwood Central Park, the horror house is open today Oct 31 to Nov 9.

Just pay PHP 100, enter the horror house and survive the night by dodging zombies!!!
You can also defend yourself...but your own gun tooting Rick, katana blade wielder Michonne or crossbow expert like Darly.


I sent my blogger rep. Ica Cheng to go and check out the horror house..
here's her initial reaction before entering ahhahaa.


The place is a replica of the haunted prison from The Walking Dead series


Looks like Ica cried a lot during the tour  hahahaa. Great job Ica!

you can read her review and experience in her blog at