San Marino. What’s new? What’s next? (blog coverage)

coverage and article by Alyzza Sanchez


Me, who is so much addicted in trying out something different, got very excited to attend this event. Who says you need to travel far from Manila and pay for having one great experience? It’s a no for San Marino What’s New What’s Next!! Experience breath taking and heart terrifying flying trapeze, wall climbing and rappelling all for free.

As they announce their newest ambassador, PBB’s Grand Winner Daniel Matsunaga, I’m sure guys, you will now have determination of burning some extra fats with San Marino Tuna.


Health conscious but having hard time on finding delicious healthy meals? Problem solved. There is now a healthy way of enjoying your meal, as they say “San Marino Tuna, healthy na, masarap pa!”. You may enjoy San Marino tuna flakes original, hot and spicy and of course, their newest flavour, Tuna Laing and Tuna Paella.

And yes, I know you are waiting for me to share my experience on trying out their challenges. First on my list is wall climbing. But there’s a twist. If you make it on the top in 3 minutes, you’ll get their limited edition tumbler. I am really excited and guess what, I don’t feel any nervous or pressure digging on me. So I started climbing.

marino 1

At first, it was really easy for me to reach those rocks, thanks to my long legs and arms. But as I get higher, rocks are getting far and hard to reach. There are times that I really have to jump just to reach them. But of course, I am really determined to get that tumbler so I did not quit. And yes, I did it on top in just 2 minutes.

marino 3

Next is rappelling. Unlike wall climbing, I got so nervous rappelling down as I feel my knees shaking in fear. I guess it takes me forever before having the guts of rappelling down. Thanks for the cheer guys. And last but not the least, the flying trapeze. For me, the most fun part of my adventure. So I have to take the ladder to make it on the top. Looking down give me some chills and wait, did I already mention that it is 20ft above the ground?

So yeah, I guess it’s a big no for those who have fear in height. The instructor briefs me how to keep my hands still on the bar, and remind me that I have to signal them if I couldn't lift my weight any more so they can assist me.

So this is it. I jumped and swayed my body. I swayed four times before the instructor command me to get off the bar. It was the best feeling ever, the air touches my faces as if I am flying. I highly recommend you guys to try this out. This is so awesome.




(photos by Alyzza Sanchez)

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