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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

CAT B100, the impact, dust and waterproof rugged phone (unbox and review)


Just like the CAT B15Q, this version is a bit different, The CAT B100 is not a touch screen phone but it got the same feature of the CAT B15Q – its impact resistant, dust proof and also water proof, according to CAT that this phone can survive for 30 minutes under water. Its not a touch screen (again) but another awesome feature is that the big buttons on the phone, you can still use this to type even when you are wearing gloves.

This proves that this phone target the construction people because the buttons on the phone are designed for people wearing gloves and also the CAT B100 has a noise cancelling feature, even if the environment is so noisy like heavy machineries are operating near you, you can hear and also speak clearly on the phone and it eliminates the noisy part around you.
When I tested this phone, I encountered some minor problems…. It took me minutes to figure out on how to use the keyboard hahahaha. But after reviewing my Nokia years, I finally got it working and it feels like a vintage Nokia phone with Java screen and menu.

But one of the best part here is that CAT B100 got a rear camera with LED flash, plus you can surf the internet via 3G only.. yup! there’s no wifi --- how sad. But I’m glad there’s still Bluetooth.

Its like a vintage phone with 3G internet and awesome camera feature with 3MP.
but hey! if you will use this for your field of work, then this camera is good for you with 10 hours of talk time, I’m sure you get the job done in no time even while you have lots of calls.

Okay! here’s the tech specs and also the unboxing

Tech specs:
CAT B100
features: water and dustproof, noise cancelling mic, can operate temp -25C up to 55C, talk time up to 10 hours, high quality speaker, impact resistant 1.8 meters or 5 feet

Processor: Media Tek MT6276W
OS: MTK Nucleus ver 2.1
Battery: 1150 mah
Network: 2G, 3G / no wifi
Memory: ROM 128 mb, RAM 64 MB, extended storage up to 32 GB, user space 50 MB
Display: 2.2" QVGA
Camera: 3MP rear 4x zoom / no front camera / video capture 30 fps

SRP: PHP 7,990
Not yet available in local market, but coming soon this 2015, but if you want to avail one, just send me a message and I will refer you to the distributor

more specs here at


the box


inside the box
- phone
- battery
- charger
- usb cable
- earphones


Sleek and thick CAT B100 phone


first look

I feel that I’m looking at a vintage phone


Alum steel body bolted around the body with rubber-plastic cover


top: headphone jack with cover


volume control


Back of the phone


Okay, I read in the manual that I have to unscrew first the back body case to open it for the battery


I used our nail cutter tip to unscrew and also lock the back cover


Inside the back of CAT B100


Sim card and memory card slot
its single sim only


Powering up…you’ll hear the CAT bulldozer sound during the start up


I admit that the screen is a bit boring ahahah
I’m not used to it


That’s the clock


Inside the menu

take note that the lock and unlock feature is the same like in old phones.


Camera test:
I’m impressed that CAT B100 got a nice LED flash, but a camera specs of 3MB is a bit low..but it still get a good capture.

CAMERA TEST with flash


with flash


with flash
the camera LED flash is a bit strong


close up with no flash


no flash


There are no autofocus and also the camera is a bit clear when you are away from the subject

here's a video sample:

looks okay...for a 3MP camera spec


The phone is best for the glove wearers and those who are not a fan of touch screen phones. Its a good backup phone for outdoor adventurers, I guess this is also a good phone for people who are in the search and rescue units. If a user is for phone calls only, then this is perfect for them. I'm a bit disappointed on the screwed cover, but I now that its for protection, I hope they can bring out the same feature just like in CAT B15Q.
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