Kata i3s review! 1.3ghz quad core smartphone / 5 inches HD screen (now available SRP PHP 6,499)


Hey! guys, I have now my review of the new Kata i3s smartphone.

It took me for more than 1 week to test drive this new smartphone from Kata Digital Philippines. I’ve mention from my previous blog post that this Android smartphone by Kata Digital is a chase device, it means that many mobile users are hunting this new model because many are aware that Kata devices are affordable and also they release more new quad core units with higher megapixel sensor in their camera system.
But I learned that most of the users are using this for gaming and also for its camera. For me, I heavily used the new Kata i3s not for gaming, but its for my mobile desktop partner. I use this for my communication, monitor social media updates, blog publishing, produce media content, take photos and videos and also I use it like my mobile laptop.

Kata i3s is a 1.3 ghz quad core powered smartphone with 5 inches of HD LCD screen and a 2250 mmAh battery, dual sim, running on Android Kit Kat OS, with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. Those are the specs that glows and attracts the eyes of our mobile devices fans, because a quad core level device with awesome bundles will make your life more easy.


The Screen
I’m very happy with the size and specs of the Kata i3s with “5.0 inches HD display 1280*720”. its perfect already for mobile desktop, communication, video viewing entertainment and also for gaming. The HD screen performs really well, I don’t have any complain about it because it plays the video more better than my LCD TV hahaha.

app suggestion:
Install Screen Filter if you don’t want a much brighter LCD screen. It really works well if you are inside the public utility shuttles or jeeps. -- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.haxor&hl=en

The touch screen
I was worried that Kata i3s might get a crappy touch screen sensor. But I’m surprised that it’s a lot more better than from their other Kata Digital smartphones. Kata M1 was the best.but then Kata i3s is much more superior than the older models of Kata Digital. Its much more responsive compare to Kata i3 and Kata M2. Typing in the keyboard panel is no problem to people with bigger fingers.

app suggestion:
Try installing the Fruit Ninja Ghostbusters game for touch screen power game play- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.halfbrick.fruitninjafree&hl=en


The audio speaker
This new Kata i3s smartphone is now equipped with Yamaha professional bass, I’ve tested it by loading some music files, and my video blogs, I switched to full volume and I can hear the nice blend of the bass sound to my edited video blogs. For Youtube videos, it can perform perfect if videos are uploaded in high res format. There are not built in audio controls to enhance the media content, but its up to the user to maximize the sound quality by inserting the bundled earphones or use your own bluetooth speakers. To increase the sound, its better to place your phone on the table to amplify the boost.

If you are in a small room or in a bed room, its awesome to watch your favorite movies or tv series with the new Kata i3s.

my suggested app for this is a FLV Player for Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.br.com.bitlabs.FLVPlayer&hl=en

and the MX player - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mxtech.videoplayer.ad&hl=en


unboxing blog post here at http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com/2014/11/unboxing-stylish-sexy-slim-and-sleek.html


- 1.3ghz quad core MTK 6582
- 5.0 inches HD display 1280*720
- Android 4.4 Kitkat OS
- RAM 1gb
- Storage 16GB
- 5MP front camera / 13MP rear camera
- 2250mAH lit-on battery
- micro SD card slot that supports up to 32GB
- Dual sim (micro and standard)
- Speaker: Yamaha professional bass
- Wifi
- Bluetooth
- 8.5mm slim / 79.0 mm width / 152.8mm height / 168.9g weight
- body colors available in grey, violet and blue

more specs here at http://www.katadigital.com.ph/index.php?route=mobilephone/i3sspec


Can you find the Kata i3s smartphone?


How bout here?? where is the Kata i3s ?


Anyway, let me put a caption on each photo above.

Kata M1, Kata i3s, Sony Xperia Z3, iPhone 5c and Huawei

The Body and bend testAs you can see from the comparison photos, the Kata i3s is much bigger than any previous release model of smartphone. For a price of PHP 6,499, its already a freebie to take home an Android device with the power you need and also matches some of the features of the new released smartphones.

Kata i3s is slim…sleek…and sexy, Its easy to handle and snug inside your jeans’ pocket. I tried doing some bend test and it didn’t bend…..its more better than the thinner first model Kata i3. The new Kata i3s is much harder and thanks to the metallic frame that supports the body of the Kata i3s.

My only complain is that the cover casing is a bit hard to put it back properly. There’s a technique – clip on the top (camera level) and then clip the sides and then the bottom.

I heard that Kata Digital will release a screen protector and cover casing for the Kata i3s. But If you can’t wait, I suggest you grab a cover and start improvising your own cover.


Kata i3s in a road trip


Kata i3s is a perfect device for your Google Inbox
install it if you have an invite already - http://www.google.com/inbox/


Best map ever!!! the Here maps is a good map with GPS for your Kata i3s. You can also download the entire street map of the Philippines and then use it even if you are offline

download here at http://here.com/beta/android

I’m using Here maps whenever I travel around the city and also in any province. Kata i3s awesome screen displays a good 3D map for you.


Camera quality sampleThe 13 MP rear camera is quite okay…its like other Kata devices with the same MP sensors, For the front 5MP camera, I still have mixed feelings about it, but its still good to use if when you need it for selfie.

here’ a sample of the 5 MP front camera

IMG_20141105_161553 IMG_20141105_170907 IMG_20141105_170834 IMG_20141106_141225 IMG_20141113_165503 IMG_20141115_145157

I wish that they can increase more megapixels for their front camera

and here are my sample of the 13 MP rear camera in different lighting conditions

IMG_20141105_160954 IMG_20141105_161954 IMG_20141105_162041 IMG_20141105_162102 IMG_20141105_162205 IMG_20141105_162215 IMG_20141105_170701 IMG_20141105_170731 IMG_20141105_170739 IMG_20141105_172524 IMG_20141105_173414 IMG_20141105_175601 IMG_20141105_182016 IMG_20141105_184158 IMG_20141105_192824 IMG_20141105_192845 IMG_20141105_192855 IMG_20141105_200500 IMG_20141105_200604 IMG_20141106_093621 IMG_20141106_100243 IMG_20141106_120948 IMG_20141106_134421_1 IMG_20141106_134500 IMG_20141106_134517 IMG_20141106_142527 IMG_20141106_143359 IMG_20141106_143636 IMG_20141106_150550 IMG_20141106_150658 IMG_20141107_161334 IMG_20141108_141159 IMG_20141108_143135 IMG_20141108_161547 IMG_20141108_180614 IMG_20141108_180655 IMG_20141110_114824 IMG_20141110_114842 IMG_20141110_114850 IMG_20141110_144406 IMG_20141110_144411 IMG_20141112_150117 IMG_20141112_201338 IMG_20141113_120643 IMG_20141113_165424 IMG_20141113_165453 IMG_20141113_174752 IMG_20141113_175344 IMG_20141114_073956 IMG_20141114_074002 IMG_20141114_074010 IMG_20141114_074148 IMG_20141114_075332 IMG_20141114_103620 IMG_20141114_154315 IMG_20141115_135817 IMG_20141115_140140 IMG_20141115_142651

You have to be steady if you are shooting in a low light environment.
All photos are uploaded in high resolution format, I didn’t edit it and no other adjustments.

and here’s the video quality sample


Battery Life
For a 2250mAh, you can do many things for the entire day. I heavily use the Kata i3s with both dual sim activated, I only use one sim for the 3G internet (always ON) and the battery can go further up to 6 hours. I suggest you bring your own portable power bank or charger if you will use it heavily.

For stand by mode, it took me 2-3 days after I drained the battery. If you use the device wisely, you can save more power.

Over all performance
For me..this is my new favorite. I was stuck in loving the Kata M1 because it has 1.5ghz quad core power and same 13MP rear camera, I can say that Kata i3s really surpass the level of their best Kata smartphones. The touch screen sensitivity is perfect already and If ever they maintained that quality or get more better specs, I can tell that Kata is now upgrading slowly and no longer bundling it with crappy specs.


Its now my new partner..with dual sim capability – I use my new Smart sim and also Globe sim.

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