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Monday, November 17, 2014

Big Hero Six - Armor-up Baymax action figure toy from Bandai


Big Hero 6 movie from Walt Disney Studios is making a lot of raves recently after its first week of showing here in the Philippines, the movie is still playing in all cinemas nationwide, you have a chance go watch it now. Me and Ash haven’t seen this movie yet, but we’re having a schedule already this week to watch the movie in SM Cinema.

 Btw, Big Hero 6 is the first Walt Disney movie that carries the Marvel flag, because Big Hero 6 first appeared in a Marvel Comics, and the Marvel Entertainment, a company for Marvel movies and tv is now owned by Walt Disney.

The fun part whenever there are animated movies or series it always comes with a new toy or action figure. We boys love action figures because we play with it with lots of action, stunt and also voice sound effects. My son Ash loves the Baymax figure and he got into hyper mode and got excited to watch the new movie Big Hero 6.

The new line of toys of Big Hero 6 is distributed by Bandai, you can spot their toy racks almost in all toy stores nationwide.

We first saw the Big Hero 6 toys 2 months before it was released in all local stores, thanks to Toy Kingdom for showcasing this as one of the hot and upcoming toys in their annual Toy Expo Philippines event.


First spotted in Toy Kingdom’s Toy Expo Philippines 2014 -


Here’s a toy rack of Big Hero 6 as seen in Toys R US in Robinsons Las Pinas -

You can easily spot the Big Hero 6 toy racks in some toy stores, because the cute and lovable character Baymax is hard to miss in a toy store.


And now we feature the Big Hero 6 Armor-Up Baymax action figure from Bandai. The Baymax figure comes in with snap on armors and gears. Normally, Baymax figure is 6 inch in height, but when you snap on the armor, then the new Armored version of Baymax stands in 8 inches. It’s a big like an
Incredible Hulk.

The Armor Up Baymax is sold in all toy store nationwide with SRP PHP 1, 500.

If you spot this figure in a toy rack, then grab it while there’s a chance. Because for me, this is the best Baymax figure that can scale up with other Marvel action figures.


Here’s a close up look on the bigggggggg!! box and its packaging


20 pieces of armor for Baymax


Its easy to snap the armor…just plug them all and then play with it.


Back of the box, you can see the simple instruction on how to snap the armor


The instructions are easy and kids can do it by themselves snapping the armor to Baymax, but for little kids like 4 years old below, Its better that parents should supervise in assembling the Armor Up Baymax.


A detailed photo of the armored version


The box contains
1. Baymax figure
2. set of armors
3. instruction manual


When I assembled the toy, I didn’t read the manual, I just followed what’s on the toy box, but I suggest you read the manual because there’s an instruction on how you can flip the chest and back plate of Baymax in order to fit his body armor.


Baymax with body armor…out of the box


Here’s Baymax without the cute!!!
I flipped the chest and back plate to shift to Baymax normal mode.


Scale comparison…. GI JOE 25th anniversary figure and Baymax action figure


Here’s a cute moment of Baymax and Duke ahhahaha


It’s just a thank you hug from Baymax that he is now part of our toy collection here at home.


Okay, time to suit up….I spread Baymax’s armor to imitate Iron Man’s armor up sequence.


close up shot…..


And here’s the Armor-Up Baymax action figure!!! really nice and handsome!


Back view…. I noticed that there two slots for the wings. I’m thinking of customizing a gun or laser blaster for Baymax


All parts of the body are poseable, the heads, the arms, and legs can move,but there are times that the armor can snap out when heavily played by kids, but that’s okay, you can put it back easily.


Okay…Baymax to rescue!!!


His fly mode….




I don’t have yet the entire set of Big Hero 6, I just want to show you some of his armored friends.


Here’s my son Ashton playing the new toy..


Thanks to Bandai for sending over a Big Hero 6 toy!!
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