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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Unboxing the stylish, sexy, slim and sleek KATA i3s 1.3ghz quad core smartphone with 5.0 inches HD display (SRP: PHP6,499)


Kata Digital Philippines might be the silent type of smartphone brands here in the country, but I observed that they are the most sought after smartphone brands by teens and young adults, I think the design and its size are very attractive to the eyes of mobile users who love a bigger screen, HD display and a customizable usability within the Android OS, but many wanted more features, power and also design that’s why the maker of this devices never stops in upgrading.

Kata Digital Philippines unveiled recently their new smartphone series after the Kata i3 (which we got to hold this early of 2014), the Kata i3s is the new addition of the i3 family, it’s the 2nd generation and much more better version than the slimmer Kata i3.

The Kata i3s is slim with a 8.5mm, its 0.2mm slim more than the Kata i3, but I observed that its much more bigger and also wider from its predecessor.

Kata i3s will be available for SRP PHP 6,499. It will be available a week after the pre order period. But if you want to pre order and get your Kata i3s unit in an early period, then pre order it on November 13, 2014 at any Kata Store nationwide.

Each pre ordered units will entitle a FREE 10GB Kata Cloud online storage.



I got now the Kata M1, M2, F1s and now the i3s. Among the four Kata smartphones, I fell in love with the tech specs and performance of Kata M1, after that I started to have a love and hate thing with the M2, but today, my new favorite is the Kata i3s.


Because its slimmer…sleek…and stylish.
My only problem is that I have some worries that I might crush this device when I tucked it in my tight jeans. But I’m sure it won’t bend like the iPhone 6s.

Here’s the tech specs of Kata i3s for your reference.
- 1.3ghz quad core MTK 6582
- 5.0 inches HD display 1280*720
- Android 4.4 Kitkat OS
- RAM 1gb
- Storage 16GB
- 5MP front camera / 13MP rear camera
- 2250mAH lit-on battery
- micro SD card slot that supports up to 32GB
- Dual sim (micro and standard)
- Speaker: Yamaha professional bass
- Wifi
- Bluetooth
- 8.5mm slim / 79.0 mm width / 152.8mm height / 168.9g weight
- body colors available in grey, violet and blue

more specs here at

In reading the upcoming wish list is to armor up a 1.7ghz and higher battery power if ever they will make a new Kata i4


Before I present to you my Kata i3s review. I like to show you first my unboxing and initial impression of this new sexy Kata i3s.


As usual the box of the Kata i3s is big and the photo will tease you when you saw this displayed in a Kata store.

btw the list of store is posted here at


There’s this feeling of fear when you touch and hold a slim smartphone. You have this fear of you might drop it or the device might slip from your hands. Take note that you should handle this slim phone carefully and use it wisely.


The screen or front and back of the phone is protected by this transparent sticker with Kata logo.


okay, let’s remove the sticker and lets fire this up Kata i3s


Kata i3s at the palm of my hand…btw that smudge on the sides are my finger prints.


here’s the back of the Kata i3s. I expect that it will be much the same with the F1s or the M2 with a carbon fiber like quality or texture that gives more grip and anti-slip feature. But it’s a plain smooth back case.

a super thin and slim…back case. Read later below about my concern of this back case.


Inside the box of Kata i3s

- Kata i3s unit
- manual
- battery
- charger
- usb charging cable
- earphones (finally! the earphones with mic are the same with the Kata M2)


Here’s the content of the manual…some tips on how to insert your standard sim and the micro sim.


The Li-ion battery is 2250mAh.

thumbs up!!! we really need this big battery power to run a quad core processor with HD screen.
I’m sure this unit will run til the end of the day when used properly.


Here’s the back case of the Kata i3s. Its so thin!!!

Be very careful in detaching this from your unit.. also its hard to put it back. The holes and locks doesn’t match well..but if you do some techniques like insert the top and then the sides, you may get to lock the back case properly.

Be careful when removing, you might break this unintentionally.


Inserting the battery. The size of the battery is half the size of the unit,.

Bigger batteries are prone to heat your devices when heavily used or near battery drained. Its normal for a device to heat up when charging and when in maximum use.


The dual sim slot

I like the dual sim slot of the Kata i3s. They now provide a sim tray for the standard sim card.
Micro sim sits on top while the standard sim is at the bottom.

At the right slot is the micro SD card.


Let’s fire up this Kata i3s. Power on/off is located at the right side


Here’s the fish logo of Kata Digital


I already loaded this unit with lots of apps. I installed some apps that I regularly use.


Android version 4.4.2


Take a look of the slim design and the metallic sides of Kata i3s.


Its light weight and easy to handle. (Weight: 168.9g (with battery) )


Back of the phone. The most impressive here is that this device is equipped with the Yamaha professional bass speaker


bottom of the unit


The volume button at the left side


Power button at the right side


Earphone slot and the micro USB slot for charging and data transfer


The 5MP front camera


13MP rear camera with LED flash


Here’s a view of my Kata i3s using Google’s new app called INBOX


Here’s my Instagram front page. Its great to view photos and read text using a wider screen.


Gaming is also good!! I also tried watching some Youtube clips and I can say that the speaker is performing well.


There are times that cameras of different Kata units perform differently. I will test this to the max and see if its better than the M1.

Kata M1, Kata M2, Kata i3s and my iPhone 4s sits together

Watch out for my review in the next few days.

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