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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken - Maginhawa Street Food Crawl with Food Panda PH part 3


Our 3rd stop…which is my last stop because I need to to go RWManila to manage our event there at 3pm, but I stayed here in Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken restaurant for 1 hour just to try their pinoy style friend chicken. I remember back in my child hood days that catsup in our fried chicken are not that popular, we usually add specially prepared sweetened soy sauce as our dip to our fried chicken. In my early birthdays, I always see this fried chicken and soy sauce in every photo, I’ve seen the last of it in a photo when I was 5 years old, after was Spaghetti, Ice cream and Jollibee hhahah.

But what are the real pinoy fried chicken?? I can’t remember the taste of it but the appearance and look are much the same, the soy sauce dip is very pinoy original, that’s the only taste that I can remember because its hard to forget.

Here in Homies, I tasted their chicken that close to the taste from the old fried chicken I tasted during the 80’s. I thought that it was just a regular fried chicken but when I tasted their version, I shouted that…its good and its very delicious!!! sana pala nag take ako ng video to record that moment.

At first, I thought that Homies is another Mexican restaurant, but its not..and its an all pinoy resto with a funny twist…

because they offer unlimited rice for everyone, and you have to use that rubber chicken to sound off for the unli rice.


Here’s Homies in UP Village near Maginawa St.


Inside Homies… they only have 5 tables inside the resto, this shows that Homies is an eat and run diner. I’m sure mahaba din ang pila sa labas sa mga gusto kumain,


Chalk board menu of Homies.
The price is good for students and people who are in the budget.


Chili Hotdog sandwich
PHP 90


Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken whole
PHP 250

Here’s the yummy Homies pinoy fried chicken… I super want to eat here again ahahahah.
I left the venue after biting two parts of the chicken. I didn’t even ate the rice because I was in a hurry to travel to Terminal 3.

But don’t worry. I will have my revenge for my next visit,.


Chicken leg meal
PHP 90


PHP 88


Chicken Curry rice
PHP 150


Chicken Teriyaki
PHP 135


I didn’t got a chance to try their other food. But a must try here is their famous pinoy fried chicken.


Homies is also an art gallery.


I’m not really sure if its for sale…but hey! this painting is very familiar to me.. hmmm


That funny rubber chicken…. squeeze it to hear the chicken squeel….it’s a signal that you need more unlimited rice on the table.


hahhaha..funny trivias and notes from happy customers


Hana’s reaction when Alex and Enrico squeezed the rubbery chicken toy


I want this rubber chicken too! saan kaya meron nito ?


more funny reaction from Rodel and Stacy hahhaha


The hens are watching you eat their yummy fried chickens here in Homies



Homies Pinoy Fried Chicken

address: 51-C Magiting St UP Village QC near Maginhawa St

Food Panda PH food market page : (updating)

Food Panda PH Maginhawa Street
Food Crawl

Maginhawa Street: It’s a new food and restaurant belt in Quezon City that recently noticed by many people after it was heavily promoted by the QC local government and placed it on the map after organizing the 1st Quezon City Food Festival. It’s a group of street located in Sikatuna Village that offers home grown cooking and local resto brands.

know more:

check: Alex Dizon’s blog

Food Panda PH: it’s a food delivery market place online – they provide you the list of food and price, and also they can book you a scheduled delivery and also pay it via credit card or even Paypal! the restaurant will deliver the food to you, or you can choose an option that Food Panda can do the deliver to you (new feature as of Nov 2014). Food Panda PH partners with the small food company or resto, not only the big time or casual restaurants, they also partner with the best seller lechon manok store or crispy pata. As long as there’s a demand for food, they will butt in and offer it in their food marketplace.

check out my feature of Food Panda PH at


Food Panda PH Maginhawa Street Food Crawl : it’s a food event organized by Food Panda and participating resto, they organized this in order for us to try the home grown food concept available in Maginhawa street and also to help promote Food Panda PH online food market and delivery service.
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