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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Casa Quesadilla - Maginhawa Street Food Crawl with Food Panda PH part 2


If you want to eat and try some Mexican food, there’s no need for you to go to Mexico, all you need to do is travel to Maginhawa street and try the famous Mexican burrito, tacos and quesadilla. I heavily prepared myself because I love burritos and quesadillas. They are my weakness and also ultimate comfort food. The cheese in the quesadilla melts in your mouth and it can satisfy your needs of a melting cheese and a kick for joy. The burritos are the best food invention ever, but it reminded me of that pandesal with adobo and rice na palaman. It’s the same but different preparation and recipe. But the idea is there.. to fulfill and satisfy your tummy needs.

Yeah the burrito is the best food to eat if you want to be full charge whenever you are on the go. Here in Casa Quesadilla, they offer these Mexican treats, it’s a food that are always ready whenever you to dine in or want to bring it with you, The small food hub can fit 15 people inside in two long tables, but if you want to drop by and eat a tacos for your DVD marathon, then you are in the right place

sobra inggit ko lang sa mga nakatira sa Sikatuna Village. Food heaven is just a walking distance from their home. (nag bitter ampalaya lang ako…sana meron na din dito sa Cavite)


Yeah the big sign says it all
With a min. spend of PHP 350/ valid from 1pm-5pm only!


I’m the first person to enter Casa Quesadilla because I want to take a photo of this lovely couple who are also the owner of Casa Quesadilla. Here they are…all smiles!


here’s the chalk board menu of Casa Quesadillas
For the entire menu, just visit their Food Panda PH page


Dynamite Beef Rolls
PHP 99

I have this fear of eating chilis and pepper, because some resto prepare it in super hot flavor. But here in Casa Quesadillas, the dynamite rolls is non chili, but there’s a few spice and konting chili, but its not too chilly o sige na nga..wala talagang chili sa green sili na ito.

Its good..and I’m sure it’s a best pair for an ice cold beer.


Ultimate Nachos
PHP 130

I just took some bite..and because I’m still full. oks lang for the nachos.


Ultimate Nachos
PHP 130

I m not a nachos fan, but I’m curious for their tacos. I just hope that I ordered it that day. But its okay, I will visit them next time.


Spinach and Chicken Quesadilla
PHP 130

And here’s my fave of the day!!!
the spinach and chicken quesadilla is good!! and it’s a swak for my taste. The oozing cheese and juice of spinach really blends well with the taste of the chunky chicken.

I give 5 stars award for this.


Mushroom Melt Quesadilla
PHP 140


Tuna and Mushroom Quesadilla
PHP 99


Beef Burito
PHP 130
I just wish that I took home more of their beef burrito. I wonder it they add some pepper or beef powder flavor.. because the rice is really good and the beef meat too.


Don’t be scared when you saw this resin made skull with flowery d├ęcor. It doesn’t mean that it’s a Halloween thing, but in Mexico, they have this festival for the dead, people wear mask and skull costume and they march in a procession way to honor and pray for the dead.


I remembered the movie.. Nachos Libre ahhhah

Here’s performing her bottle flair skills.


selfie with my travel buddy
also spotted my former travel buddy Jonel hahhahaa.


Hay…see you soon Casa Quesadilla.


Casa Quesadilla

address: 176 Maginhawa Street, SIkatuna villageQuezon City, Philippines


Food Panda PH food market page :

Food Panda PH Maginhawa Street
Food Crawl

Maginhawa Street: It’s a new food and restaurant belt in Quezon City that recently noticed by many people after it was heavily promoted by the QC local government and placed it on the map after organizing the 1st Quezon City Food Festival. It’s a group of street located in Sikatuna Village that offers home grown cooking and local resto brands.

know more:

check: Alex Dizon’s blog

Food Panda PH: it’s a food delivery market place online – they provide you the list of food and price, and also they can book you a scheduled delivery and also pay it via credit card or even Paypal! the restaurant will deliver the food to you, or you can choose an option that Food Panda can do the deliver to you (new feature as of Nov 2014). Food Panda PH partners with the small food company or resto, not only the big time or casual restaurants, they also partner with the best seller lechon manok store or crispy pata. As long as there’s a demand for food, they will butt in and offer it in their food marketplace.

check out my feature of Food Panda PH at


Food Panda PH Maginhawa Street Food Crawl : it’s a food event organized by Food Panda and participating resto, they organized this in order for us to try the home grown food concept available in Maginhawa street and also to help promote Food Panda PH online food market and delivery service.
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