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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Katz Diner– Maginhawa Street Food Crawl with Food Panda PH part 1


I attended another food crawl or food tour you can call it “food trip” and this time the main venue is the long stretch of street in QC, normally located in Sikatuna Village, but they call it Maginhawa Street or dubbed as the food haven of QC. I joined the food tour of Food Panda Philippines and they guided us foodies and food bloggers to try and taste the one of a kind flavors here in Maginhawa Street. After some grub in one restaurant, I noticed that we are not really in Maginhawa street, we were in Malingap Street and we found there a “feel at home” restaurant that serves food that with lots of labor of love.

Its not entirely in Maginhawa Street, but the nearby street with lots of restaurants were labeled as the part of Maginhawa Street food belt. Back in the early days, I remember that I used to go here to eat that yummy shawarma and Indian food, all I know that its in Sikatuna Village. Bakit di na lang kasi Sikatuna ang tawag nila? pero ok lang kasi Maginhawa word is a bit cute and refreshing.

so my introduction today is:

Maginhawa Street: It’s a new food and restaurant belt in Quezon City that recently noticed by many people after it was heavily promoted by the QC local government and placed it on the map after organizing the 1st Quezon City Food Festival. It’s a group of street located in Sikatuna Village that offers home grown cooking and local resto brands.

know more:

check: Alex Dizon’s blog

Food Panda PH: it’s a food delivery market place online – they provide you the list of food and price, and also they can book you a scheduled delivery and also pay it via credit card or even Paypal! the restaurant will deliver the food to you, or you can choose an option that Food Panda can do the deliver to you (new feature as of Nov 2014). Food Panda PH partners with the small food company or resto, not only the big time or casual restaurants, they also partner with the best seller lechon manok store or crispy pata. As long as there’s a demand for food, they will butt in and offer it in their food marketplace.

check out my feature of Food Panda PH at


Food Panda PH Maginhawa Street Food Crawl : it’s a food event organized by Food Panda and participating resto for us food bloggers, they organized this in order for us to try the home grown food concept available in Maginhawa street and also to help promote Food Panda PH online food market and delivery service.

and the restaurant featured here in my first blog post about our “Food Panda PH Maginhawa Street Food Crawl”

for our 1st stop: Katz Diner


Katz Diner is a your American style diner with Pinoy food on the menu. I’m a bit choosy when it comes to a resto with a word “diner” but I was wrong and I can tell that their food is really good and perfectly hand crafted with labor of love, and that comes from their in house chef and owner Miss Katz.

We met resto owner and chef Katz during the food crawl, and she’s a bit shy to introduce her self but after some chat, I remembered my mom through her. Because my mom, my mom in law and my wife prepares yummy breakfast every morning with lots of love.

That’s how I visualizes and feel about Katz Diner.


Inside Katz Diner – it’s a small resto, with 10 tables inside and 4 tables outside.


We noticed these posters on the wall. Expect them to be played while you’re eating. I heard some Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera music while munching some longganisa. My seat mates are a fan of theatrical plays, and they giggle whenever they hear a familiar song.


Chalk board…. nice!!! it’s a way to tempt you in every visit hahaha

Okay let’s check out the food here in Katz Diner.
btw, you can check their menu at


Grilled Pork Steak
PHP 260

It was around 930am when we arrived here in Katz Diner, I can eat anything that is with sunny side up, rice and meat. I just hope that there’s fried rice to complete my morning glory. But its okay, I’m happy with the pork steak already.


Grilled Chicken BBQ with sunny side up egg
PHP 240

It looks like a burned satay chicken but it’s the yummiest chicken bbq that I tasted.. even it beats the street food that sells bbq here in our village. Two sunny side up egg is a winner!


Grilled Chicken BBQ with omelet
PHP 240

Omg. the omelet is oozing with juice. I’m happy with this set up because I can get an omelet only in hotel resto.


Katz Special Longganisa
PHP 180

I super laughed when I heard that they also serve longganisa, so I imagined that it will be the bad shot food ever on our table. But when they served this…I ‘m surprised with the plating and also how they serve the longganisa. They serve it in bit pieces not in compact form where it should be its appearance. But it’s the specially made Katz Diner longganisa, its good and okay… halata na mahilig ako sa pinoy food haha

I told them that I will copy this set up to make our longganisa at home more appetizing


Roast Pork Belly
PHP 290

We started to avoid the putok batok moment, but we dared ourselves to try Katz Diner’s roasted pork belly… Its oozing with lots of oil and underneath is a buttery mashed potatoes that adds more flavor and removes that oily umay from the pork belly. Its also good but I want more gravy on top.

Lava Cake
PHP 100

I skipped on eating sweets that day.. hahhaha.. but they say that it’s a good lava cake.


Hot Tea
PHP 80


Flower Tea
PHP 140 (pitcher)

it’s a housed tea with flower petals. I don’t know what kind of flower…I told my seat mates that it taste like Gumamela hahhah.


Green Tea Yakult
PHP 80 for medium, PHP 90 for large

I refused to drink this, because I don’t like Yakult. but I drank a glass and finished half of it… I can say that it doesn’t taste like Yakult, but it still look like Yakult. Its good, sweet and quite okay for any Yakult fan.

here are some scenes from our food crawl adventure


cute décor at Katz Diner


here’s Ms Katz


food blog battle of and / also spotted


1st leg is done!! thanks Katz Diner and Food Panda PH


selfie muna with the group.


Katz Diner is surprising for my end, I thought that its an American style diner but its like a comfort food station, a cafeteria or your café next door in your village. They serve food that comes from their heart and I can tell because they prepared the food nicely. I want to go back here to try more… and yes I will organize my own Food crawl here in Maginhawa street to revisit the resto.

Katz Diner

address: 48 Malingap St. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Philippines


Food Panda PH food market page :
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