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Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives

MANILA, PHILIPPINES -- Gagang has always dreamt of owning a small bakery. She and her carpenter husband worked hard to save enough money from their meager incomes and got a loan to buy a small oven and an LPG tank for their business. Soon enough, the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread filled their house every morning.
But just a week before Christmas of 2011, a tragedy struck Cagayan de Oro, Gagang's hometown. Typhoon Sendong (Washi), destroyed their house and all of her properties, including her precious oven. Over a thousand people died in that calamity, but miraculously, all four members of her family survived the raging floods.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The best milk tea ever!–Cake Milk Tea of Lemon Baby

I mentioned yesterday in my blog post of Lemon Baby pop up store sightings that I’m not a fan of milk tea beverages, but then I like to retract the word and want you to know that I’m a fan already of milk tea hahahaa. After I tried the Cake milk tea with pearls at Lemon Baby, I can say is that its good and heavenly yummy! I heard that was their best seller.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Lemon Baby milk tea pop up store sightings!

A friend told me to try the milk tea at Lemon Baby, he said that there are two branches available here in the Philippines, one is in Macapagal ave and one in SM Bacoor branch, when he mentioned the SM part, I got the idea to check the branch in SM Bacoor. He said that this milk tea store originates from Taiwan and its one of the popular brands of milk tea there. I know that the era and trend of milk tea is already finish and the business concept is bit low now because summer is over and we now wait who will be that last milk tea standing in our local market.

KFC Philippines teams up with Leslie’s Clover Chips for KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken #KFCCoCreations

Last month’s release of this new KFC Chicken had spark the attention of foodies and KFC lovers, I saw first the poster ad in one of their branches and I was skeptical about the look and also the taste of the chicken. Why would they add crumbs of Leslie’s Clover Chips to our KFC Chicken ? then I learned that it’s a part of the KFC Co-Creations project were they invite our KFC fans to suggest what other ingredients and new recipe that can be added to KFC’s chicken with 11 secret herbs and spices.

They invited the people to suggest via Facebook and Twitter post with a hashtag #KFCCoCreations, just post your suggestion and you might get your dreamed recipe into a real food and be part of their KFC menu.

Halo Halo in Mahogany Market, Tagaytay City

IMG_20140518_145745’s the end of summer and here I am posting a halo halo tip. Pero oks lang naman siguro yan. Because its hard to find a cheapo halo halo when you are in Tagaytay City. We went to Mahogany Market to get a nice halo halo fest because we felt disappointed in our trip to Balite falls, because the falls was closed by the local government and even the locals there are forbidden to enter the complex because of some land dispute.

Australian wine dinner with Bimbadgen wine at Sunset bar of Sofitel Philippine Plaza

I joined the Australian wine dinner buffet in Sunset bar of Sofitel Philippine Plaza last May 10,2014, it was a part of their Mother’s Day celebration, I invited my wife to join with me that night and it’s our first time to enjoy a nice buffet dinner with wine at the Sunset bar area of the hotel. Many friends always recommend this to me that we should try the barbecue or buffet dinner at the Sunset bar, but I always refuse because we want to stay indoors and want to enjoy the cool air conditioned of the hotel, but after we experienced the Sunset bar, I now started to recommend that you should try it too.

I thought its just a simple buffet dinner, but it was a set up exclusively to guest who booked a reservation for the dinner event. They set up a nice dining area with buffet section in the middle of the elevated wooden platform at the pool area of Sofitel. It was quiet and the air is bit cooler outside the hotel, but the lighting is a bit low and we only have are the low light effect around the venue and a nice candle light at our table. But hey…the low light effects makes a good addition to my appetite haha.

Beef mechado, sago’t gulaman and Flying saucer is the winner! for my dinner at the Aristocrat restaurant SM MOA ( captured by Kata M1) #katadigital

After my interview and guesting for a tv program about Aristocrat restaurant, I receive a great tip to try their beef mechado because its listed under their best and special food. I’m not a fan of beef mechado, but I do love the tomato sauce, saltyness and sweetness of any mechado. Beef Caldereta is my top favorite, I always order that whenever I see it in a restaurant’s menu.

A week before the tv interview, I ordered and tried Aristocrat’s beef caldereta, it was okay but I’m still “bitin”. But when the store manager of Aristocrat Roxas Blvd suggested that I should try their beef mechado, because it’s the best ever! when I heard that I started to speculate about the taste and it haunts me for days so I waited for another week for me to try their best seller beef mechado. Plus I got to try again their Flying Saucer after 20 years hahaah!

Sunday, June 08, 2014

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