Auldey’s Infinity Nado–toy top with RFID chip to record your score and ranking in every top battle


2015 started with a spin and bang when a new toy comes out from the market. Infinity Nado by Auldey captured easily the old fans of Beyblade when they launched their new version of their own toy top added with some technology to record your score in every battle and place you in the Philippine scoring rank. Yes, the plastic and metallic top that spins with a launcher and spine can record your score with its embedded RFID chip located on top of the top.

Infinity Nado players and users should register first their chip by using a Nado scanner that you can buy separately, but if you want to register without the scanner, all you have to do is to visit a local tournament and let the Nado female coaches register it for you.

Its like playing your regular mobile apps with scoring and ranking stats, and plus you can share the score via Facebook. Thanks to the new generation of top, we can now record our score and make our way to a real championship. Recording your stats is now easy and we can now track who are the best players of Infinity Nado.

Infinity Nado is now in the search for the best of best Philippine Nado players that will compete with the best players in other countries. Infinity Nado have its own tournament and its like they created their very own toy top olympics.

We know that Infinity Nado came from the Anime series based in China, this is now airing in TV5 every Mon-Fri at 11am, the anime is a bit different because the top can summon a creature and a monster, but for the real world, the monster in the Infinity Nado top is the monster of spin, hit, and balance. That’s the only way for a Nado top to survive in a one on one battle.

The Infinity Nado team are now conducting some tournaments around the metro and the tournament is open from players as young as 6 years old to 25 years old. The tournament registration is free, but you have to own first your own Infinity Nado toy top. And take note...the grand prize for the best Nado player for the PH is a brand new car..yes...a brand new car!! accdg to the Infinity Nado PH crew.

Infinity Nado is available in all toy stores and one toy top is priced at PHP 499.

Facebook page at


Infinity Nado toy set
one pack contains one launches, spine and the metallic toy top.

You have to assemble the top first before playing.


Infinity Nado top with gears of plastic and metal


Assembled and ready for battle.


The launcher and spine


Side view of the Nado top


The Nado top with metallic gear and RFID on top


There are lots of different top to choose from - Infinity Nado Aspis, Infinity Nado Jester, Infinity Nado Cyan Spout, Infinity Nado Furious and more

Infinity Nado Coaches - Jessica - Gem - Angel

the all female coaches of Infinity Nado – the beautiful Gem, Jessica and Angel

The Nado coaches will be there in every tournament sessions to teach you on how to play and also register your Nado top and scores. They are the game marshals too and score giver.


At the event Coach Gem explained to us on how to play the Nado top


Coach Angel shared to us the different types of Nado tops.


There’s also the World ranking of Infinity Nado players. Here we can see who are the best of the best players of the world.


Parts of the Nado top


4 kinds of Nado top
my favorite here is the Offense/Attack


Here’s the digital scanner for registering your Nado top


Let’s Battle!!!!



Blue Nado wins!!! because the yellow Nado stops to spin after a few bumps and hits


Infinity Nado tops are suggested for kids who are 6 years old.
Kids below 6 years old are not allowed to play this because of the metallic gear around the top. There’s a plastic version of the Infinity Nado that you can buy for little kids.

Pls. Play with caution and supervised by your guardians