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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sa Lido Restaurant, Century Egg and Quicksnack meal time - Feast of the Black Nazarene 2015 part 4


My plan that day is to eat lunch in Quicksnack, while I was on the way to Carvajal st. I saw a message from my wife and she wants a century egg from Ongpin. So I skipped on my lunch for the mean time and went around Ongpin for that century egg.


She said that I should check in Eng Bee Tin if they sell those eggs, but I visited three stores already and there’s no century egg. After some long walks, my foot stopped here infront of Sa Lido Restaurant in Ongpin st.

I’ve dined here before with fellow food bloggers 4 years ago, and it was a nice experience, it was quite and simple. I decided to eat my lunch here and take a rest before joining the procession.

Many thanks to Ivan Man Dy for bringing us here years ago.


I’m a bit clueless on what to order, so I just went over to the usual food offered by a Chinese resto.


The waiter quickly offered me a nice welcome hot tea
ahh…super refreshing, I relax for some minute before ordering


Sa Lido is also a hang out of some old Chinese folks who lives here in Ongpin, most customers are old Chinese people. I’m glad that they have a tv airing the update about the procession.

Here I learned that the procession is still stuck in front of Manila City Hall. That means…more time for me to relax and eat more.


Nido Soup
For a price of PHP 180, I ordered a soup that is good for ten people ahhahaha


the common Beef brisket toppings


Salt and pepper fried squid
-- its good!! and I like it


A close up look of my beef brisket


I super love the neatness and peaceful resto..
eh wala kasi tao eh. hahaha.
pero oks naman at mura naman ang food.


so my hunt for the century egg resumed after eating my lunch




I finally saw a set of Century Egg in a grocery store here in Ongpin
priced at PHP 100 each --- contains 4 eggs


It’s a mini mart that sells lots of Chinese food products


In Shoppers’ Mart, they also sell toys


And here’s a mini drone quadcopter with a SRP of PHP 1.7k
whoaaa..its so cheap!


After my century egg hunt, I decided that its time for me to visit Quicksnack in Carvajal st.
My wife sent again a message and she said that she want to eat an Oyster Cake from Quicksnack

I’m glad that I didn’t take that short cut to Escolta st.


In Quicksnack…hello we meet again!


Quicksnack is one of the popular short order and fast food here in Carvajal st.
I ordered a set of Oyster cake for a price of PHP 180.

The waiter prepared the oyster in a styro pack, I’m glad the food can still fit inside my bag aahahah

I’m tummy full..and ready to roll.

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