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Saturday, January 10, 2015

At the procession - Feast of the Black Nazarene 2015 part 5


Here’s my final blog post for my coverage of the Feast of the Black Nazarene 2015. I thought that I’ll missed the arrival of the image in Lawton, and at around 3pm, I’m surprised that I can still catch up and meet Senor Nazareno. I’m so happy that he waited for me to arrive – because I was late to attend the mass and took a lot of time to finish my lunch in Ongpin. I was worried that I might skip the procession, but I’m glad that I still pursued to walk from Ongpin to Lawton and there I was greeted by Senor Nazareno.

I don’t have my other DSLR with 45-150mm lens, but with me is my new Nikon D55300 with kit lens of 18-55mm and a GoPro Hero 3+. I will be using these cameras to cover the feast and the procession for the 1st time. My focal is very limited so I have to stay close and keep my foot on the ground.

The cool breeze of air circulates on top of us, and it was cool, but then the cool and hot temp fight its way when the big crowd comes in together with Senor Nazareno. I saw the image made a full stop before climbing the Jones Bridge. Its an opportunity for me to take many shots, but I was cautious with the crowd because I don’t want my neck be touched or scratch by fellow devotees. The crowd is cheeks to cheeks and elbows to elbows. I used my back as a shield infront of me and carried two cameras in covering the arrival of Senor Nazareno.

btw… my neck got some wound after the wart removal 2 days ago…and its still fresh.
don’t worry, I’m treating it with some anti bacterial lotion.

The scene is still the usual stuff
People shouting… people pushing… people falling and people carry another people.

I got a different experience for this year. This time I saw for the first time on how our rescue units scramble and help the injured person.

here are some photos from Jones Bridge up to Lawton


Spotted some shooters on top of a cell site box


Replica parades before the main replica


On foot at Jones Bridge.


Rescue unit van on stand by


Here’s a park that turns into a camping site


In Lawton, I saw the waves of towel and shouts of people. This is a signal that Senor Nazareno is near.
I positioned myself here and planted my foot on the ground. I’m glad that the bridge’s rail protected us from the crowd and stampede.


Here He comes again…



Towels and handkerchiefs are flying from any part of the street




Another brave lady climbed up the andas. The marshal stopped her in climbing because some is climbing before her..yeah the poor guy is under the lady.




I spotted some devotees climbing a tree..
some of them fell down…and hurt badly






I’m happy that it stop for some minutes in front of us. I’m tempted to go near, but my neck said…I should not hahaha. I have to recover and maybe will go near again this 2016.





Senor Nazareno surfs a sea of people


After the crowd was clear…I realized that we are standing in a garbage pile site here in Lawton
damn…the stench of a rotten fruit and vegetable oozzes around and then we smelled poop….
someone might have poop’d during the procession.

Also..lots of broken bottles and shards of glass are scattered around this site.
lots of barefooted devotees got injured because of the shards.


Well…there’s the make shift comfort room for guys hahaha.
hoy bawal umihi dyan


Spotted some rescue unit team in action


injured 1
- I think the guy fainted


injured 2
- I think he fainted and then fell on top of the bridge’s railing
It’s a 3-4 feet drop to the street.


injured 4
- this lady looks at me…gasping for air. She fainted and then recovered by our fellow devotees away from the crowd. The rescue units are here to save her


injured 5
- lady with the red lipstick…fainted during the procession

injured 6
no pic --- I saw a guy injured his eyes, the rescue unit team applied first aid


Thanks guys!! medic and rescue unit team


hmmm too early for an election campaign ????


My view…ohh the streets are clean after some minutes


time to go home..


thank you and good job to our metro aides for cleaning the road of Manila


I hope this blog post reached TV5 hahaha


One jump…..




My way out of Manila..
Its obvious that they placed lots of barricades around City Hall.


My path to my home…
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