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Monday, January 05, 2015

Snails for lunch in Tagaytay with 20C temp weather (Gerry’s Grill) - new year 2015 tripcation part 3

Welcome to my day 2 post of our Tagaytay new year 2015 tripcation. It’s been 3 years since I tasted a kuhol snail with coconut sauce. And I didn’t expected that we will eat it here in Gerry’s Grill. When my wife saw it on their menu, she ordered it and she ate almost all snails hahahaa.

She also reveals that its one of her backyard farm project to breed kuhol snails. We saw some tips in youtube and some blog post and we learned that its so easy to breed snails.

Before I share some food pics of our lunch in Gerry’s Grill Tagaytay, I want you to see my condition during the 20C temp in Tagaytay.. I know that its not the coolest temp yet, but for me it’s a punishment to sleep through the night with freezing temp + 14kmph wind roaming around Tagaytay.


Its my first time to wear this insulation vest, thanks to my brother Denver for sending his Eddie Bauer winter vest hahahah. Its very useful. I wore three layers of clothing during my 1st night here in Tagaytay.


After waking up in the morning, the temp is much more colder, here’s my wife Lace cooking our breakfast


We went to a grocery store to buy some food and also some breakfast stuff, then we thought of to eat lunch outside for a change.

And after some brainstorming, all of us agreed to eat lunch here in Gerry’s Grill. Its much near to where we stay in our tripcation.


In Manila, Gerry’s Grill is like an inuman joint to others, but here in Tagaytay, it’s a quiet and full blown restaurant. noisy customers and beer drinkers.. But it was around 11am when we arrived here and we were the 2nd customer of the day.

After some hours, the whole resto is jam packed with diners.


We sat in a table near the terrace, then I noticed that the entire terrace is covered with a big net. I wondered why, but after some observation, I learned that there are lots of birds flying around and the net is a barrier to keep them out of the resto and prevent them not to poop on our food hahahah.


I thought that we can see the Taal volcano from the resto…but the net just block everything…but that’s okay. The more important thing for us that our food is safe away from those birds.


And here’s the kuhol snails of Gerry’s Grill
I super love this…and I super miss eating a snail. They are freshly prepared and cook.

If you want to eat snails, I suggest go for the resto and not from those fast food or in a food court, we got our tummy upside after eating a snail meal offered by a food court vendor.


Kare kare of Gerry’s Grill is quite okay……. (nanay deling’s version is much more tastier)


And here’s the best seller in Gerry’s Grill…. the ultimate crispy crunchy – Crispy Pata


After our lunch, we took home some crispy pata and kare kare. Then we ate the left overs during our dinner plus with Nanay Deling’s papaitan food.

Then after dinner… my blood pressure went up! I can tell, because the back of my head hurts so badly.

My life lesson for that day is not to eat – Crispy Pata, Papaitan and Bulalo in one day.
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