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Friday, January 30, 2015

This Feb 2015 - Resorts World Manila’s Imperial Festival feat. Chinatown with Valentine's Day Flavor, Concerts, NBA Weekend, Bituing Walang Ninging musical, and World of Luck


Resorts World Manila launches The Imperial Festival 2015 as their event and monthly theme for February, The Imperial Festival combines Chinese New Year and Valentines Day as one theme for their events, attractions, promos and also for celebrating the year of the goat and days of love. Not only that, the Imperial Festival promotes the World Of Luck, as Resorts World Manila brings luck to everyone who will visit them and patronize their promos and attractions.
The World of Luck started few days ago when they gave away 1 Million pesos, inserted in a fortune cookie, one lucky lady found it and it was indeed a world of luck for her day. As for us, who were present at the media event, we went home with luck when we tried the real fortune cookie and got a prize for our own. It was a lucky day at Resorts World Manila, and I’m excited on the upcoming attractions they will being for the month of February 2015.

IF logo
Imperial Festival 2015 logo for Resorts World Manila.

Lots of events and attractions are on the line up for Feb. 2015. Resorts World Manila brings the best of the best of performers and global talents to entertain us as we celebrate the Year of the Goat/Sheep and also Valentines Day.

here are the events and attractions for Feb.

1. Mini Chinatown – The Newport Mall will be converted into a mini Chinatown, expect all red lantern, money tree and other elements of Chinatown displayed around the mall

2. Music from the movies - On Feb 13, the UP Singing Ambassadors will perform a series of popular songs that are used from iconic movies.

3. NBA All-Star Weekend Experience -- Feb 14-16, its a weekend event for NBA Fans, Resorts World Manila partnered with NBA and BTV for an event and also giving a chance for a hoop fan to sit on a bleacher and watch the NBA playoff live in the US.

4. Lunar New Year - On Feb 20, Lunar New Year Lion Dragon Dance and Firecracker Lighting activities take place in Newport Mall

5. Bituing Walang Ningning the musical – Resorts World Manila partnered with Viva Entertainment to bring back the classic movie and popular tv series that made the ever line “you’re nothing but a second grade, copy cat!” famous. It’s a spine chilling revelation when I heard that they will transform the entire movie and tv of Bituing Walang Ningning into a musical show.

The good part is…. Resorts World Manila and Viva will sched a search for a fresh talent to take the lead role of Dorina for this musical show.

BWN Search Poster 18x24 Semi FA

Its like they are searching for a raw talent that will be the next superstar just like in the movie.
Backside of the story of “Bituing” is about a popular singer and her fan, but as time goes by, the fan joined a singing contest and then she won and became the next superstar, this made her stand next to her singing idol, who got jealous of the super star complex.

It’s a good movie, this is one of the best drama movie ever in Philippine movie history.


There will be talent search this Feb. If you are interested, you have to check and view the information posted at Resorts World Manila’s Facebook page.

The talent search program will be at the Atrium of the Newport Mall, there are no walls or VIP seats, everyone can go and watch the live audition. The judges – wants to feel the impact and performance level of the raw talent.

When I experienced the “birit” of one of the star of this show, Cris Villonco, she blew me away after singing “Bituing walang ninging”, my comment is that, the raw talent should surpass Cris's singing talent  in real life when it comes to singing.

geez…where can we find her?
abangan ang susunod na kabanata.


Yesterday, they revealed that Mark Bautista and Cris Villonco are the stars of the musical show.


At the hot seat with Boss Vic of Viva Entertainment, President of Resorts World Manila and the writer of the show.

other details -- for the audition

RWM together with Full House Theater Company and Viva will hold auditions for the lead of ‘Bituing Walang Ningning: The Musical’.

The role calls for females with the following criteria:
1) Between 16 to 20 years of age;
2) Exceptional talent for singing and acting and can speak Filipino fluently; and must have
3) Pleasing personality and good moral character. The open auditions will be held at The Plaza in Newport Mall on February 28 and March 1, 2015 and is open to both amateur and professional artists.

The upcoming musical will mark the first time a contemporary drama has crossed over mainstream Filipino media. From print, cinema, television, and now on stage, ‘Bituing Walang Ningning: The Musical’ promises to shine anew under the bright lights of RWM’s award winning Newport Performing Arts Theater (NPAT) with veteran director Freddie Santos at the helm.

For more information about RWM shows and events visit or contact the Tourist/Visitor Hotline at (632) 908-8833.

6. Joey Yap Fen Shui and Astrology 2015 seminar


There are series of seminar for feng shui and astrology that will be conducted by Joey Yap, founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, a global organization devoted to the teaching of Feng Shui, BaZi, Mian Xiang, QiMen and other Chinese Metaphysics subjects

For schedules, visit the Facebook page of Resorts World Manila or JoeyYap’s FB Page -


7. The Real Fortune Cookie

and here’s the video of the famous World Of Luck fortune cookie

and here are some photos from the media launch of Imperial Festival


Lion dance group


Foreign performers of Bar 360


The snake lady
she can curl, twirl, twist her body without any pain


she’s also a regular performer at Bar 360


If there are beautiful women for the men, there are also handsome men for the ladies
they are not a boy band, but they are an expert when it comes to dancing and pumping.


My favorite performer that day, the balancing act lady, she sure throws a lot excitement that makes my testosterone level go up


she’s tall and can balance her self with one or two hand.



okay..enough said… galeng di ba?


It’s a preview of what are the next performers line up for Bar 360


Mark Bautista singing a classic song


Cris Villonco caps the end of the event with a birit performance of Bituing walang ninging, I admit that she made me soul reaches heaven… grabe ang galeng nya.


And yes…RWManila wants to try our luck with the World of Luck fortune cookie.
Each cookie contains prizes for all of us.


I received a good fortune and advice, but also I won a beer mug.

See you here in RWManila!

Resorts World Manila
address: RWM is located across NAIA 3 in Pasay City
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