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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Aling Lucing Sisig Queen–the best sisig ever! (located in Angeles City, Pampanga)


I learned about Aling Lucing’s sisig way back early 90’s when my parents brought us here to eat dinner in a small carinderia along the highway, I can’t remember the exact location but our family driver knows it. We visit Aling Lucing’s small carinderia every time we go to the North side of Luzon, lalo na pag pupunta kami ng Baguio, it’s a part of our family tradition to eat that yummy and delicious sisig that was prepared by Aling Lucing.

It’s the first sisig that I’ve eaten in my life that’s why this small carinderia is very important to me, and I heard that the sisig was born here in Aling Lucing’s culinary hand and after some years, her sisig became the most popular dish here in Angeles City, Pampanga. Her mini carinderia blooms and now it resides in a new location with two floors to serve many dine in customers.

I still miss the old place, I remember that I play Eraserheads music in an old jukebox machine, and we listen to it while we eat our sisig.

Thank goodness that in the age of internet and social media, I finally track down and visited the new location of Aling Lucing. I included an itinerary for my blogger team to visit Aling Lucing before we go to the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga.

Thanks to Ted and his Hyundai car, Samsung tablet powered by Globe and a Waze app,we finally plotted our way to the right direction and when we dined in, my friends were very happy to the taste of the original sisig.

The taste of their sisig didn’t change at all.. its still the original taste back then. I’m happy that I shared this small happiness to my blogger friends. Also this resto attracted the American chef, author and food tv host Anthony Bourdain and he said that likes the crunchy part, and the preparation is a genius and he can eat sisig in the morning with a fried egg

Track its location via Foursquare -

with the address - G. Valdez Street, Angeles City, Pampanga

Waze can also track its location, check -


Hello again Aling Lucing…. the sisig queen


Myrna and Eli sitting comfy in the mono block chair of this resto


inside the Aling Lucing restaurant, an dine in and take out resto for all.


The old ways to prepare your spoon and forks.


After ordering, the staff chopped some meat and ingredients needed for the sisig, they cooked it right away and served it in a sizzling plate.

Aling Lucing’s sizzling sisig
PHP 185 per order

I bow and worship this sisig….tastes so good!


Ted and his Fujifilm camera taking a snap for his upcoming food blog post at

Tokwa’t baboy
PHP 130

This is the most fancy tokwa’t baboy ever! hhahaha.
but its good…there’s something good about the sauce.


Aling Lucing’s original sisig resto
they are open til 2am

I’ve been to several food crawl and event here in Pampanga, the sisig prepared by others were close to the taste here in Aling Lucing, but eating the real sisig that comes from Aling Lucing is one special treat. They can copy and imitate the recipe, but they can not copy the real one.

Others have their own style for sisig, but if you want to try the good and delicious sisig, I suggest you visit Angeles City, Pampanga… visit Aling Lucing or any other resto for their other sisig touch.


Their staffs are very well trained in doing photo ops. I’m sure they got lots of tourist visitors that’s why they are very hospitable. Thanks kuya for accommodating us.

check below for more photos



















address: G. Valdez Street, Angeles City, Pampanga
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