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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Essilor Philippines teams up with Piolo Pascual to promote healthy vision

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Essilor is the world leader for corrective lenses, they are present in the industry for more than 160 years and they are the best manufacturer and innovator for eye lenses. Essilor is also the maker of the popular and high tech lenses – the Crizal transitions anti-reflective lenses, a lens that dims automatically depends on lighting conditions, the Varilux progressive lenses, a lens that changes its focal based on your vision, they also have the anti fog lenses, sun protection lenses, and a new lens that protects us from the harmful blue light that emits from LED screen of gadgets.

Essilor supplies lenses exclusively for ophthalmologist, but today we can buy them in every optical store nationwide and available in 100 countries. Essilor develops a wide range of lenses to protect and correct eyesight. Its mission is to enable everyone in the world to see well using lenses tailored to their needs.

Essilor shared to us yesterday that --- no one is immune to eye problems, meaning that many people are not aware about their eye problems, they suggest that we visit our eye doctor once a year to check if we develop some vision problems. They shared a stats that 4.3 billion people in the world have vision problems, and we have 20 million Filipinos who needs vision correction.

Many kids today have poor eye sight, its my personal observation, because these kids might be a heavy users of electronic gadgets, and then as they grow up, they get lots of visions problems. Parents should be aware of this and if they observe that their kids experience headaches and blurry visions (like reading close to their eyes) they should visit and see an eye doctor right away for check up.

In the time of computer, gadgets and smartphones, we learned that the blue light effect from gadgets can also be harmful to our eyes, just like the UV rays of the sun. Blue light is present not only from gadgets, but they are also present in indoor lights. Our eyes needs blue light for correct visions, but there are other blue lights that are harsh and harmful to our eyes, that can make us get a poor vision focus.

Blue lights that emits form electronic devices can damage the retina. Dr. Roleda said that Repetitive exposure to blue light posts threat to our eyes. It may cause oxidative damage, and may be responsible for causing age-related macular degeneration, which can result to blindness. She advises that we can wear their Crizal Prevencia, the only clear lens that selectively filters harmful blue light from gadgets, LED and UV light while letting through the healthy blue light.

At the Essilor event we learned that its okay to wear PROTECTION lenses against blue light, these are lenses without grades but they serve as eye protection only.

Essilor’s campaign through the years is that we deserve good vision in seeing the world better. According to Dr. Emelita Roleda, Essilor general manager – “ Our company's way of helping the world see better by raising awareness about the importance of healthy vision and address the alarming number of visual impairment cases in the country. We also hope that through this campaign, Filipinos will start paying more attention to their eyes so they can see the world in a clearer and brighter view”

I agree that we have campaigns and awareness for health, but sometimes we do forgot that we should take care for our eyes, and this is the main campaign of Essilor that we should be aware of the health of our eyes.

The campaign will drive three important messages: Prevention: Essilor lenses help prevent age-related eye diseases, 2) Protection: It also helps provide everyday protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays and harmful blue light 3) Correction: promote the initial purpose of Essilor which is to help correct eyesight.

For the first time in many years of existence of Essilor here in our country, they finally got their 1st brand ambassador – Piolo Pascual, a popular actor here in the Philippines. Essilor chose him because Piolo is a health conscious and a sportsman. It doesn’t mean that Piolo Pascual have poor eye sight, but his presence for the Essilor’s campaign is important for shouting out that we should be aware about the health of our eyes and also the harmful effect of UV rays and Blue light to our eyes.

I think Piolo wears the Crizal Prevencia lenses during the launch event.

Expect to see an Essilor TVC and billboards featuring Piolo Pascual.

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