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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Green Canyon Resort in Clark, Pampanga–staycation with nature and outdoor adventure


I got a chance to try for a staycation here in Green Canyon Resort, it’s a new resort in Clark, Pampanga, the resort is a perfect place for outdoor adventure, swimming, nature tripping, mountain hiking, relaxation and a nice hideout away from the busy city and be close to nature. I heard of this resort when the Mazda PH teams invited us to join in a drive activity and car photography here in Pampanga, we stayed here in Green Canyon Resort for the photography seminar, driving activity and photo shoot.

We stayed first in the function room and then we used the entire mountain terrain and small river of the green canyon as our backdrop and location for the Mazda car photography. When I saw the entire area, I realized that the resort is selling the entire canyon as your playground. Astig!

You can go mountain hiking, jogging, biking, or ride the ATV inside the greenish canyon, for hard core adventure seekers, then can bring their own mountain bike and ride all the way up to the mountains, also they have a mountain hike expert who can also guide you going to the peak of the mountain.

Green Canyon Resort location is located below the canyon, although it’s just a small mountain, their entire complex is very wide and big. The most awesome part here is that the resort is private and no one can enter inside the canyon.


I don’t know the published rates of this resort, but I did some research in and I found these reasonable prices. The price is okay for the hotel, resort and plus the nature tripping. I want to go back here that’s why I posted the rates just to note myself. rates
Standard room with breakfast - PHP 4.9k
Upgraded standard room with breakfast - PHP 5.3k
Deluxe 2 bedroom with breakfast for 2 - PHP 6.1k
Upgraded deluxe with breakfast for 2 - PHP 6.5k
Suite (couple room) - PHP 7.3k
Group suite  - PHP 9.8k
Grand Loft - PHP 9.8k
Grand Suite - 9.8k
Presidential - PHP 16k


Here’s the mountain that surrounds us, and below the canyon is the Green Canyon Resort.


Exploring the canyon


At the middle of the canyon, you can find small river that flows straight to the Sacobia river, the large river with lahar flow.


Take note that they do not allow food inside the resort.
I think snacks are ok, but not fast food take outs.


Café near the ravine. Its just a small ravine hahaha.
Ian and the PBNET gang stayed here during midnight for some beers and smoke.
I didn’t joined them because the massage and spa gave me a knockout and its cold outside during night time.

If you will try the staycation here, I suggest that you bring your own jacket or sweat shirt.


Green Canyon Resort have two big swimming pools, here’s the wide pool with spa fountain, lap pool and kids pool with 1.5 feet deep


Here’s the 2nd pool….the wave pool
yes…a wave pool!!!!  the wave pool imitates the waves of the ocean, its 5 feet deep, but the waves goes up to 6 feet.


Here’s the lovely customers desk. All made from wood carvings.


The entire lobby displays lots of wooden craft and sculptures. Accdg to some articles online, Green Canyon Resort is considered as the 1st Eco Art Resort of our country.

All wooden furniture are an original design by furniture artist Niccolo Jose, all items displayed here at the lobby are free to use and also for sale.


A new concept for this tumba tumba chair


Beautiful woodcraft frame for your painting collection


Here’s my favorite, the giant rocking char!!!
I feel like that I pop out from an Alice in Wonderland story


Darth Vader solar art.


is that PNOY ???? I hope not.


More wooden furniture on display and for sale here in Green Canyon Resort


Yoda man!!!!
I forgot to ask the price of their artworks




DSC_0486  DSC_0488
DSC_0490  DSC_0491

DSC_0492  DSC_0489



As usual…my traditional selfie inside the bathroom mirror

DSC_0480  DSC_0478
DSC_0481  DSC_0483


Relaxing…. we’re actually waiting for the massage service.
Their massage service is the best…… priced at PHP 500+ per session per head
Request for Irene, she’s good in rub, press and bone cracking. I felt rejuvenated after the session and fell asleep after some minutes.


Breakfast in Palette Restaurant

Here in Green Canyon Resort, they have three restaurants
1. Palette Restaurant
2. Boulder’s Lounge
3. The Shed

re: my breakfast, their tapsilog and eggplant is good!!!


PBNET team having a nice morning chat with Fujifilm camera team


Time for some outdoor adventure. You can borrow their mountain and regular bicycles anytime. Just park it properly and request for assistance if you need helmet for the bikes. You can also use your own bike if you brought it with you.


Here’s my biking action with Ted Claudio, we rode the bike from the hotel up to the swimming pool area


Main road of the resort is flat, no problems in pedaling on it. But if you want more extreme adventure, there’s a rough terrain downhill going below the canyon. Wear helmet for proper protection.


Time to dive in their Symphony Pool.


My view and watching Ted do some breast stroke.


Here’s our favorite… The wave pool!
The pool imitates the beach and also pulsates real waves.


Look at that wave!!! whoaaa… this is 5 feet… and above me is like 7 feet already.


Ted expects a wave wipe out after this photo shot hahahaha


weeeeee!!   Its better to dip here with your floater.


There’s a hanging bridge for your photo op moments. 
Take note: It’s a real hanging bridge. Be careful when you walk through.
tip: walk on one side to balance the bridge


Ted selfie


The function room area where we stayed for the seminar and also snacks


Check out our car photography exhibit!


Thanks to Mazda PH for the staycation and driving activity.


Green Canyon Resort

Address: Green Canyon, San Vicente Road, Clark Special Economic Zone (Sacobia)
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