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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Saboten: Japanese Cutlet restaurant offers Katsu Sharing Set for PHP 1030++ this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day recommendations are now up online, there are lots of selections and its hard to choose the best for us lovadoodles. But the best part for celebrating the day of hearts is filling up your stomach and enjoy an authentic tonkatsu original from Japan, this can only be found here in Saboten: Japanese Cutlet restaurant. Eating an authentic katsu with ingredients from Japan is sure special, you have to try it yourself in order to discover its uniqueness from other katsu houses.

Accdg to the profile of this Saboten, they are an original tonkatsu house from Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan and this resto is present since the year 1966. They have branches in mostly Asia regions and today they have two branches here in Manila.

Saboten have two branches here in Manila
there’s one in Serendra Boni Global City and one in Glorietta 5

Saboten is a part of a food group of Rain Tree Restaurants composed of local and foreign restaurants for the Philippine market.

I visited their 1st branch in Serendra to try their Valentine’s Day special. Its my first time in Saboten, and I found out that their katsu flavor and crispy breading is good and far more different from the regular katsu we have here in Manila. As they say, the authentic side is still the best!!


Saboten in Serendra


Awesome path way inside the resto with lot of flat stones and pebble rocks.
It’s a part of Japanese tradition and culture to have this set up to give a zen feeling.


The al fresco dining of Saboten

Saboten Katsu Sharing Set
PHP 1030++

For Valentine’s day, they are offering this Saboten Katsu Sharing Set for only PHP 1030++, and you’ll enjoy a set of katsu that is good for 2 or 3 person. This special set and promo is offered only this Feb 9-15, 2015. And available in the two branches of Saboten.

The Saboten Katsu Sharing Set composed of
1. Rolled Cutlet with asparagus, ham and cheese
2. Cutlet loin
3. Cutlet crab cream croquette
4. prawn
5. and a tonkatsu

it comes with rice, and shredded cabbage salad

There are two slices of each – with asparagus, the loin and crab croquette and there’s one prawn and 4 slices of katsu. I ate this set and I found it that its good for 3 person, because I ate each slice, my table mate ate the other half and the only thing left is three pcs of tonkatsu  So if you have a kid with you or a companion, they can get a share from this set.

Bonus offer for Valentines Day -- Also they will offer the Hiroshima oysters set for PHP 420 per 2 pcs, this will be available only from Feb 13-14, 2015, it’s a special oyster imported from Hiroshima, Japan.

Win a special Valentine’s day gift --- just upload a group selfie on Facebook and Instagram when you dine in Saboten, just post with hashtag #lovesaboten @loveraintreerestaurants. Winners will be revealed this Feb 16 in Terraz Facebook Page.


Here in Saboten you have to create your own style for your katsu sauce. I’m sure the katsu lovers already know how to grind the black sesame seeds.


Enjoy your katsu with the special Saboten katsu sauce.
It’s a must dip thing for katsu.



Enjoy it with miso soup, unlimited cabbage salad and plain Japanese rice.
Best to eat this with a chopstick.

here are some other worth-to-try specials in Saboten


Watermelon shake with Wasabi
PHP 175

It looks cute,sweet but this comes with the aroma of a wasabi paste. Its not chili or spicy, if you are using wasabi in your sashima sauce, then you’ll love the taste of their version of share with wasabi.

tip: make sure you stir it well to dissolve the wasabi paste under the shaved ice. Its good and I recommend this to the food adventurers.


Ripe Mango and Passion Fruit
PHP 195


Strawberry Parfait
PHP 195


Vanilla and Green Tea ice cream with honey syrup
PHP 75

I love this kind of ice cream here in Saboten. The honey gives a wonderful taste to the vanilla ice cream, their green tea ice cream is super creamy and not too sweet.


Matcha Lychee Almond Cake
PHP 210


Sansrival cake
not yet on the menu but you can order this anytime



Branches: G/F Serendra, Bonifacio Global City and G/F Glorietta 5
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