New episodes of The Walking Dead is back on FOX Philippines for Season 5.2 (zero spoilers here)


The Walking Dead tv series won’t stay dead because the walkers are back and the surviving humans will battle for their life in search for cure and answers of what the hell is going on. This is the only tv series that brought back the attention of people to watch TV and learn to think of what you should do for this –what if scenario.

Fox Philippines airs the Parallel Play of The Walking Dead series once again,  airing the episode here in the Philippines 1 hour after the main telecast in the US. It’s a fresh episode for all and it will not turn you into a walker searching for new episodes online, but watching it on TV, will make you focus your attention on the story and be a real couch potato.


FOX Philippines said that the Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead last October 2014 received the highest-rated telecast ever, it beats the rates of Season 4 premiere by 57 percent in terms of total number of viewers and making it to the top pay channel during its premiere at 8:55pm telecast last October 2014.

People wanted to catch up what happened after the cliff hanger episode of Season 4, many viewers wants to get over with it that's why they are paying much attention for the next season. For this year Feb 2015, FOX Philippines will look on the rates again and see if it will surpass the viewing rates of the 1st half of Season 5. The next half of Season 5 premiered yesterday Feb 9  at 11:35am for Parallel play and 8:55pm for Prime time replay on FOX Philippines channel.

You know that we really hate those spoilers on Twitter and Facebook, so don’t be left behind and always watch the new episodes on FOX Philippines




The new episode and start of the 2nd half of TWD is still a shocker. TWD shock content is still effective and even if you took a rest for more than 3 months, TWD will wake you up and hunger for more TWD story.

The Walking Dead schedule on FOX
Every Monday starting Feb 9, 2015
Parallel play – 11:35am airs immediately after its US telecast
Quick replay – 8:55pm and 9:50pm

FOX is seen on SkyCable Ch.50, Destiny Cable Ch.27, Cable Link Ch.29, Cignal Digital TV Ch.112and over 300 systems nationwide.