PLDT Telpad HC7 the most advanced of its kind can also control your home appliances via remote and timer


PLDT unveils the latest upgrade of their PLDT Telpad model, “PLDT Telpad HC7” is the newly improved and the most advanced landline handset ever in the country. The PLDT Telpad HC7 still got the feature of having its own tablet, internet connectivity and the features of a landline telephone.

And now they added with new features that you can connect your PLDT FAM CAM ip camera that can let you video stream wirelessly to your PLDT Telpad HC7 Android Tablet, You can also use the unit as your Wifi repeater, use the dock body with hi fi speaker as your wireless music streamer via Bluetooth and the most talked about feature is that the PLDT Telpad HC7 can also control your home appliances via remote control infra red and also set a timer via an app to turn it off or turn it on.

The new PLDT Telpad HC7 is available on high speed PLDT Home DSL plans 2099 and up and all PLDT Home Fibr plans.

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PLDT Telpad HC7
You can get this new unit with or without the FAM CAM camera (separate fee to acquire the camera unit)


close up look of the FAM CAM of PLDT Telpad HC7


You can install the FAM CAM anywhere to your home and view the activity via wifi stream to your devices. You can also view the stream even if you are away from your home via an app and an account provided by PLDT Telpad HC7.


PLDT Telpad HC7 without the FAM CAM


Actual scale of PLDT Telpad HC7


Its not just a landline phone, its also a tablet dock, speaker for your music and also wifi repeater


PLDT Telpad HC7 is now using a new tablet brand called “Auratech or Auratek”, I’m sorry for I didn’t get the spelling correctly.

It’s an Android OS with Jellybean 4.2.2 version and 1.2 Ghz Quad Core processor.


The tablet is an exclusive to PLDT and its available only via PLDT Telpad HC7
Check out its built in Dock slot for PLDT Telpad HC7


There’s also HDMI slot for the tablet, a card reader and micro usb slot.


The Remote control app of PLDT Telpad HC7 can detect hundreds of different electronic brand. It can also get the function of an existing remote by pairing it via IR scan.


After getting the IR scan and the features of the remote, you can now use the tablet and the app to set a timer for your appliances.









Unboxing soon!!
PLDT Telpad HC7