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Thursday, April 30, 2015

coverage: Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel screening in MOA IMAX


I received an invite to watch the live streaming of the panel talk of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the event will be streamed live in MOA IMAX and the event took place in Star Wars Celebration event in Anaheim, Cal., USA.

Okay It’s a Star Wars event and I must be there, on my 1st 6 hour reaction, I got some trouble, I already booked a ticket for my trip in Baguio City that night, and the live event will start at around 11:30pm and my ticket for the bus is scheduled to leave at 9pm. Oh my banta poodoh..

I did everything I can just to rebook my ticket early and get my ass to attend this once in a lifetime Star Wars event, all are okay and it was a close call for me. Thanks to Walt Disney Company for the invites!!


Inside the cinema: Omfg..I wore my Star Wars hat all the time hahhaha. I seated next to Earl Maghirang and we’re both giggling about this event.

I wore my Star Wars x Vans shirt that night, thanks to my friend Percival Bayan for that awesome shirt. I was about to wear my Darth Vader bonnet, but I got some problems searching for it in my disorganized closet.

Sayang! may prize pa naman sa event.


They say that we should wear our Star Wars costume at the event to win a prize.
There three people won a Star Wars Funko Pop.


Ted Claudio, Earl Maghirang and Me…
we’re still giggling at the line of fans going to the cinema


Oh boy..the Imperial officers are acting according to their character.
I got scared when Imperial officer Dex screamed at us to give way for the arrival of their troops.









It’s a trap!!! ahhahaha
Its my first time to see an awesome Admiral Ackbar costume!!
astig nito!!


Jedi Macy…says hello Az
awww… where’s Anakin Arcega???!


In MOA IMAX…still waiting for the opening of the cinema gate


R2D2 is here!!!!


Its true that R2D2 will appeared already in all 6 Star Wars movies and now…he will appear here in the episode 7, and maybe in episode 8 and 9 too.



More bad guys….



Lord Vader is here….



hahhah Myke Soon geeking out that night…


Inside the MOA IMAX cinema…can’t wait…..
too bad that cameras are not allowed to screen cap everything.
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