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Friday, April 03, 2015

in Photos: Senakulo 2015 in Cavite (life, suffering and death of Christ in drama play)


Me and Ted were on the way to my home in Cavite, then we encountered some blockade in one of the streets here in our village. I asked and inquired to the barangay police what was going on, then they replied that there’s a “Senakulo” event happening. Then a few away from us, I saw people wearing Roman soldier costumes, some jew costumes and then I saw a guy who dressed up like Jesus is walking and carrying a big cross.

I told Ted to go around them and take the other street to bypass them from the other side. We went to my home quickly and grabbed my DSLR camera.

We walked to a grassy field near our parochial church, there we saw the Senakulo’ s mid part of the play when they lift the cross with a guy actor that plays Jesus crucified on a cross.



Its my 1st time to watch a Senakulo, or a live drama of the life, suffering and death of Jesus. The actors who played in our village Senakulo are members of our Church community. Their acting are awesome and we hear their voices and dialogues amplified via a wireless lapel mic and a big speaker.



It was freaky, scary and it looks real.
I felt that we were in the past 2,000 years back when Jesus was crucified.

The senakulo plays usually occur during Good Fridays, but here in our town, they scheduled it on a Holy Wednesday




The actors tears and crying are so real. There are some tensions and strong acting projection. Me and Ted just snapped some photos of the scenes, we observed and also got a time to reflect.

Damn..I was about to cry too… ok sige carried away ako
but I got amused when kids at the back were shocked.

They thought the senakulo’s crucifixion drama is real… and they saw real blood gushing out from the Jesus actor.


The actor for Jesus is quiet perfect… thin….skinny..and can stand on a cross for 30 minutes. The nails on his hands are fake, and also the blood are fake effects only.

For visual presentation…I want to give them 5/5 stars!!


Here’s Judas Iscariot… blaming himself for being a traitor to Jesus



And here’s the most disturbing part…….. the suicide of Judas.
Hanging yourself with a harness at the back and rope to your neck is no joke.
I’m glad that this actor is unharmed.


Next year..I want to be an actor of a Senakulo of the bystanders in costume or a Roman soldier.


Here’s Ted, snapping some photos and videos of the Senakulo.


The guy in yellow cape is Longinus.. he babbles and pierced the side of Jesus.
They used a DIY spear with ketchup spray to animate a blood flow after piercing to the Jesus actor’s body.

And at my back were shocked and thought that it was real.

During the play, Longinus acting ended when his eyes caught some blood of Jesus, and then he screams that he got blinded by the Son of God.

weird.. I have to research about that later.


Obviously, she’s Veronica


and then…… Jesus died on the cross



I thought that they will bring down the cross to remove the Jesus actor, but they used the same procedure from 2,000 years ago in removing a dead body from crucifixion.




Lots of crying and some dialogues.
sayang lang..kasi yung lapel mic is running out of signal or battery. We experienced some choppy dialogues here.

But the acting still continues.. galeng!


The crowd…..


The show ended here after the removal of Jesus from the cross, I was expecting for a Resurrection, but I think they will save that chapter this coming Easter Sunday.


The acting of our Senakulo here in Cavite is sure can win them an Oscar award hahahah
Kudos to the organizers and actors for doing their best to narrate and share the life, suffering and death of our Lord Jesus.

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