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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Bagnet and lots of bagnet in Bagnetified!

Bagnetified in SM Bacoor

Bagnet!! Bagnet!! Bagnet!! Finally! the resto that sells everything with Bagnet pork belly meat is now open! I’ve been waiting for this resto to open since I saw the signage and their construction last year. And I got really bagnetified with lots of bagnet cravings when I learned they will bring this porky meat in SM Bacoor.

Bagnet is a pork belly meat in deep fried format and an Ilocano original and version of a lechon kawali.
But for the Ilocano version, they did some special treatment to add more taste and not only just cooking it with boiling hot oil.

For the bagnet here in Bagnetified, I believe that they skipped the original process and go instead to deep fried, its much more easier and also fast to serve in a fast food restaurant.

Bagnetified in SM Bacoor

The dining area at Bagnetified

Its my first time here and I just sneaked myself in while chillaxing under the free aircon of the mall.

Bagnetified in SM Bacoor

The menu

Bagnetified in SM Bacoor

I didn’t took a shot of the entire menu, I should keep myself under the radar and they might recognize me as a blogger. I used my iPhone 4s in taking pics whenever I go under cover or just want to do a taste and try.

All food are prepared with a bagnet twist, from Kare Kare, to pancit to dinuguan.

I ordered the Bagnet! Sarap, which is a best seller in this resto.

for the price’s a bit quite okay for a PHP189 per meal.

Bagnetified in SM Bacoor

I ordered an extra large iced tea because they can’t upgrade the free iced tea from the combo menu of Bagnet! Sarap meal.

The funny thing is that they serve the large iced tea in a large tall glass, but they served it with a short straw. Its funny that the straw is a bit shorter and I see that some customer are having a hard time drinking their iced tea with a short straw submerge in the iced tea.

So I asked for another extra plastic straw and then I just combined the two straw in order to reach the top rim of the tall glass. You see in the photo above that my straw is much taller than a normal straw.

I hope that Bagnetified should get rid of this tall glass and use a big mug or just served it without a straw.

Bagnetified in SM Bacoor

And’s the Bagnet Sarap! meal.
I’m surprised that the bagnet meat serving is ok na.

also, you can ask for a refill of the bagnet sauce (or a Mang Tomas lechon sauce)

Bagnetified in SM Bacoor

At first, I thought that the serving is small.

But I was so satisfied with the oily taste and crunchy bits of the bagnet.
Its good…

pwede na!

Bagnetified in SM Bacoor

The good part here is that….I finished my bagnet first and not my rice.
And this small serving of bagnet is very a putok batok hinay hinay lang.

For a price of PHP 189.. I can say that it’s a good deal na

Bagnetified in SM Bacoor

And because that I was happy with the size of the serving and also the price range.
I got the idea to order and try their Black Pancit with squid and bagnet meat.

SRP: PHP 199 only

I didn’t got the time to finish everything, because I’m already full with the bagnet meal.
I took it home and then my mom in law loved their recipe and taste.
She mentioned that this kind of black pancit is a specialty in Cavite City.


Bagnetified in SM Bacoor

Bagnetified is now operating in some part of Manila and also here in SM Bacoor.
check out their website for the menu and how to order with delivery
plus..their FB page

I might go back here again to try their Kare Kare and other Bagnetified meals.
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