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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The hunting for the best “pambahay” shorts

Pambahay shorts hunting

I went to the mall this afternoon for my 3 agenda – 1) get a haircut 2) grab a biggie iced tea in Wendys and 3) hunt for the best pambahay or house shorts in the mall. I was excited when I placed these agenda in my head while I wait for the barber guy finish my new hair cut, I already start to day dream that I walked out of the SM mall carrying a paper bag filled with 3 kinds of pambahay shorts, and I even dreamed of a price…. its PHP99 only.

Back to reality, After the hair cut session, I ate a nice chili con carne and drank a biggie iced tea in Wendy’s, I day dreamed again that I carry now those blue, black and grey pambahay shorts, I got excited again but I set myself not to expect more because Its not the season of pambahay shorts, and it’s the season of those beach shorts.

Why am I doing this?
Because I’m 38 years old, and these pambahay shorts that I own at home are just a handful, some of them starts to deteriorate, no longer presentable and they smell bad whenever I sweat, I need a new set so that I'll be comfortable at home. The pambahay shorts or normally these shorts we wear at home – as our living room shorts, sleep shorts and our sports shorts. Its like a shorts for all season, because you can wear it anytime and anywhere.

My first mission is to check out some shorts in Surplus Shop in SM Bacoor.

I remember that I always buy my pants there back in the late 90s and early 2000, I was a big fan of cheap and over run garments that was sold in Surplus shop.

In Surplus Shop, I saw a nice set of shorts, but mostly are beach shorts and shorts for fashionistas. I crossed out this shop and they don’t have any sign to sell a normal pambahay shorts.

so I went to SM Dept Store for some luck.

Pambahay shorts hunting

I’ve seen lots of shorts, some are priced at PHP 199, and others are priced at PHP1999.
But the thing is, they are not pambahay shorts.

Pambahay shorts hunting

I like some of the designs, but the problem here is that they sell shorts that are in M and L size only. There are some XL size but its too small for me and I need a real XL shorts.

Pambahay shorts hunting

Oh..I spotted this shirt… astig

Pambahay shorts hunting

Pambahay shorts hunting

There are times that I have this idea to grab one “panglabas” shorts, the thing that I dislike is that the fabric are hard and bit rough and not cotton soft

And Its hard to wear these kind of shorts every day at home.

Pambahay shorts hunting

A sales lady told me that they have this sale and discount promo, after I told her my agenda, she told me to check out some shorts in Baleno.

I saw their kind of shorts, but they are boxer shorts, They have a real XL size plain colored shorts, its cotton soft, and its perfect!

The problem is….it’s a boxer shorts!!

I noticed that its big for a boxer shorts, but its quite perfect for me, but I can’t wear this whenever I go out to grab some food at a nearby sari sari store, or wear it while I ride my bike or skateboard hahaha.

It looks like a boxer short, because it has a button at front.

SRP is PHP169
They have a PHP 99 boxer shorts…I might buy some on my next visit at Baleno.

Pambahay shorts hunting

This is a good style for shorts.
But they don’t have a real XL size for me

Pambahay shorts hunting

I visited some athletic store brands in SM Store, the style are good, but its too expensive.

Pambahay shorts hunting

Pambahay shorts hunting

Pambahay shorts hunting

I quit my pambahay shorts here in SM Store, I decided to visit Divisoria or Baclaran for those cheapo pambahay shorts.

For sure, there are lots of it and I don’t mind if ever I wear a pambahay shorts with Spongebob Squarepants

Pambahay shorts hunting

Outside the mall, I spotted some pambahay shorts, I asked for the price and the seller told me that their basketball shorts are PHP 250…. fake Adidas kind.

there’s a generic pambahay shorts but its too expensive for a PHP 180

I crossed out the tianggee store in my list, and I decided to visit Baclaran or Divisoria for my next mission of hunting the best pambahay shorts.

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