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Monday, June 15, 2015

Chat and Send photo with sound via Veems messaging app ver.2


Veems was 1st a social network for photos with sound, it was very popular last 2014 and I admit that I was so hooked on the app. I met some cool people known as Veemers, who posted photos with audio or sound in funny, creative and awesome way. I became a fan of the app and also met some new friends within the Veem eco system. Veems outranked the popular app – Vines and Linkedin in Google Play, for the record last November 2014, Veems was on top 12 most popular downloaded apps under Social apps (source)

But Veems evolved into more than just a social networking site for photos, There were plans that Veems will evolve into much engaging social apps, and I experienced this at the near end of the 2014. I didn’t’ understand at first why they focused on turning the social network for photo with audio into a private messaging app.

I heard that Veems will go in a different market for people who wants to meet new people, another way of meeting fresh users who uses the same app but wants to communicate in a different way --- chat and sending photos with audio or send some emoticons with audio.

Chatting will be more different in this generation because Veems will be the messaging app and social app that will not require you to type or even send longgggggggggg messages to your contact list.

Veems is popular too here in the Philippines and I noticed that some Pinoy users are so addicted with the former social network feature, its cute, adorable and very entertaining. But this year June 2015 – Veems is now a full blown messaging app with a Kick.

Iddo Goren, CEO and Founder of Veems will be here in the Philippines together with his Team Veems Philippines to meet the Veemers and also promote the Veems app. Send us a note or comment if you want to meet Iddo in person.

Try Veems by downloading the FREE app at Google Play

Download Veems at
Follow Veems at

and yes… Veems is only available in Android OS


Here’s my Kata M3 smartphone now powered by Veems app.


Ohh..automatic friend list whenever your Facebook friends are Veemers too.


Its easy to use, thanks to the instructional guide at the start up of the Veems app.


Here’s my Veems UI via my Asus Zenfone 2


In a funny way, I sent a photo with audio message to my chat friend Jason.


After taking a photo, the record will roll to 5 seconds and will record any sound that captures via the smartphone microphone.


Then choose a friend who can receive that photo audio message.


Here ya go… Jason received two photo audio message from me hahahaha.


You can also add more friends by going to the Search field and just click on a profile icon and then chat away with your new Veemer friend

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