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Monday, June 01, 2015

review and reactions: Mad Max:Fury Road (8/10 rating)


Those are the words that I can describe for this movie. The entire netizens gave the right advice that you must watch this movie in a good cinema with good screen and also audio system. Because it’s a visual eye candy of destruction, loss of humanity and also a grim future that can happen in real life if people became too greedy for power. I’m a fan of the Mad Max trilogy and it’s the only movie that I want to see before I die, because everyone dies in that movie, there’s the struggle for survival and the strongest man can only live vs. the weak.

George Miller, the director for the entire classic Mad Max movie is back again to create another Mad Max movie, its his 4th Mad Max and I’m happy that the crown of Mel Gibson as the original Mad Max movies was passed on to Tom Hardy, the new Mad Max of this generation.

I’m not really sure if this movie, Mad Max: Fury Road took place right after Mad Max 2: Road Warrior, because the character of former police officer Max is bit young and fresh from the ravages of the apocalyptic world, turning the entire green land into a wasteland. And plus we still see his old police car turned into a road warrior style that can fit for road war and also for his survival.

The movie is so noisy, lots of high octane action, lots of explosion, lots of car chase in the dessert, fire, dirty filthy people and people with no morality that can disturb the viewers and might let you throw up for hating George’s concept. But that’s the concept.. Its survival and anything you see in the movie is about a man’s survival. Abuse other humans for your survival. That’s the world of Mad Max.

There are no mumbo jumbo dialogues that I can quote on, but there are several lines and interesting dialogues from Max that you can apply to your life haha: just survive. But its funny, from the beginning of the movie til the mid part, you’ll only hear some groans and few lines from Tom Hardy as Max. I observed that the movie gave more highlight to Charlize Theron’s character as Furiousa, a new character added to the world of Mad Max.

It’s a fast paced sequence..because of it.. I don’t even know the name of the main villain in the movie haha.

I thought that we can see only dirty people in the movie, but I was surprised to see some kind of Victoria Secret angels taking some important part of the film. I shouted.. Holy shit..they should not be there in the film, but hey…it’s another concept of the grim world where a warlord got all the power and he can select and collect many pretty, hot and sexy wife perfect for breeding his kind. But those Angels are not a wimp or just plain sexy for the movie, they play a major role for this movie and I can say that they are also a bad ass. Even that guitar man with flame thrower is a bad ass too. Even the kids.

Charlize and Tom did a great tandem in this movie, I hope that in the next film, we can see that they return to the wasteland to drive and kill some bad guys. I did some research and heard that the next plan of George Miller is make a sequel – Mad Max: Furiousa, but then they decided to name it as Mad Max: The Wasteland. It could be another story followed by the Fury Road or maybe they jump another timeline and show us how this will lead to the timeline of Mad Max III.

I ran out of pop corn to munch while watching this movie. I got shocked to see those action scenes, and I thought that its over…then the movie will just give you some space to breath and it will run again to a much explosive scene. Mad Max: Fury Road is very different from the treatment of the classic Mad Max film. I say that the 1st movie is the best but this new and 4th movie is a visual eye candy, it’s a movie art as they say, because of the noise and non CGI gimmicks of the road war and chase.

No need to watch the entire trilogy if you want to absorb this movie, because there’s a short prologue where the young Mad Max shares what the heck happened to the world.

Just grab a pop corn…cheese flavor…and a large iced tea drink.
Buckle your seat, because Mad Max: Fury Road breaks the trend in movie making and story telling.

And no.. this is not a Fast and Furious kind of thing haha.

Mad Max: Fury Road is distributed by Warner Bros.
And now showing in all Philippine Cinemas.








photos via Warner Bros Pictures FB page and Mad Max: Fury Road FB Page

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