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Monday, July 13, 2015

Extant season 2 will premiere this July 14 at 9:55pm in RTL CBS Entertainment (review)


I’m surprised that this series got me hooked even if I saw it for the first time and the Season 2 premiere episode was just right for a sci fi fan who wants to catch up and be converted as an Extant fan. I’m impressed that the compressed recap of Season 1 was shown in a good manner and also as the story progresses in Season 2, I immediately caught what was really going on in their world and this was revealed bit by bit in the entire start of Season 2.

Halle Berry as the female astronaut Molly Woods did an awesome job to bring lots of emotions and also solve the puzzle revolving the sci fi drama thriller Extant series, and for Season 2, we got a treat to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a new addition of the Extant series, that might play a role as a leading man and side kick to Halle Berry’s character. I think the two will save the world from an alien invasion…how will they do that??? well, watch Extant and find out!

I will really pick this up and I’m looking forward for the 2nd episode of Season 2, I’m glad that the HD channels on our Sky Cable is back and I can now channel surf right away next week to watch it. I might even look back for the 13 episodes of Season 1…well, torrent might help hahahah

But hey! Extant series airing in RTL CBS is an xpress episode fresh from the US, as they air it there, expect that it will be aired it here after 2 weeks. We’re behind 2 episodes already but its worth wait and get hooked via RTL CBS…. its pop corn time and CR break are not an excuse when you watch Extant series.

Take note that Season 2 of Extant will premiere this July 14, 2015, Tuesday at 9:55pm in RTL CBS Entertainment HD.


Halle Berry and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

RTL CBS Entertainment is available on Sky Cable Ch. 53 (SD) and Ch. 196 (HD), Destiny Cable Ch. 53, Cable Link Ch. 37 (SD) and Ch. 313 (HD) and Dream Satellite Ch. 17

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Extant in our cable tv via Sky Cable

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