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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Greenwich Pizzeria store now open in BGC Stop Over offers a perfect venue for your #UltimateBarkadaExperience


Greenwich opened another Pizzeria store and it’s a first store branch located in BGC, it’s a different store and its no longer the fast food style or fast casual dining concept you used to know from the past. The new Greenwich Pizzeria is a new concept that targets the hip and young crowds who wants to have a modern set up of dining experience and also a place to have a barkada hang out over a special Greenwich pizza.

The new Greenwich Pizzeria branch is located at the ground floor of the new BGC Stopover Pavillion, it’s a new mall with lots of new food establishment and café. The address is at the corner of 31st street and 2nd Avenue in Bonifacio Global City.


“The new Greenwich has been fashioned to look like a casual pizzeria meets a neighborhood café, with bar stools, brick walls, colorful wall art, cozy lounge chairs, and warm lighting. Designed to maximize your barkada experience, Greenwich’s new branch is as inviting as their delicious signature pizzas, pastas, and other favorite treats.”


The new branch changed its set up for the event launch, so I didn’t got to see how it was supposed to be during regular days, But I will go back there next time to see the real set up of the new Greenwich Pizzeria. Also I like the concept that they placed a see through glass at the corner, there you can see how the pizza guys make your pizza, it’s a fun attraction for the kids for them to see the magic behind the Greenwich pizza creations.


The glass is super clear and it feels that you are inside their kitchen.


ok guys…back to work


I like the brick wall style and large signage that displays some vintage feeling. There are also funny signs that is all about pizza. Its like an old pizza parlor back in the days….. this style is very popular during the 80s.


Did you know that I learned about Greenwich during the mid 80’s. I first saw their over the counter style store near UST during my elementary years, its just a regular pizza store back then, after some years I learned that they are gone and then they are back in the start of the 90’s after they were acquired by Jollibee, then the store starts to grow, develop new styles of pizza and today, they redesigned their stores to target the people who loved their Greenwich pizzas.


The night will be not be complete without a bite of this Greenwich Ultimate Overload Pizza. Its a new pizza -- Topped with mozzarella and cheddar, 4 different kinds of meat, and other favorites toppings for a total of 13 premium toppings on top of a hot, freshly-made thick crust.

It’s a man’s fave toppings!! because it contains almost everything that I like.


The Greenwich Ultimate Overload Pizza is the best pizza for your Ultimate Barkada Experience.
That night…I just ate 4 slices hahahah.


Wacky Wings
Its my first time to taste and try their own version of a buffalo wings, but its not really a buffalo wings, but it’s a fried wings with lots of spice and flavor. Its good than a Chicken Joy and its more tastier than a KFC, there’s a lot of magical spice behind this Wacky Wings….I wonder if they have some dip…I better go back and try some more during the regular store days.


My barkada seatmate – Arpee, Jo and Becka first dive in to this fries.. I like the cheesy taste and its tomatoey dip. We finished two plates that night ahhaahah.


I love the Lasagna of Greenwich, but today, I now I adore their carbonara pasta…..its good and I love the cheesy and ham mix. Its my first time to try this and I’m very surprised that Greenwich serves a good pasta.


Here’s our Ultimate Barkada Experience and also pizza photo op!! hahahaha


Nice to meet HungryKat at the event…


The new Dad caught by my camera smooching the mozzarella


Girls vs. Pizza
Earth and Rea in their cutest form….devouring a hot Greenwich Ultimate Overload Pizza


Nice to see you here Lauren!! I didn’t know she works at Greenwich.
nice!!! nice!!!! (Lauren is a friend via my sister barkada)


Party not yet over, the Greenwich employee really knows how to enjoy the night with some pizza and beers.


“This new branch embodies the new chapter that Greenwich enters into as they simultaneously welcome four individuals into the Greenwich barkada, namely Robi Domingo, Andre Paras, JM De Guzman and Yassi Pressman. This variety of personalities and talents is depicts what Greenwich is all about: a celebration of variety coming together for one great taste.”

Greenwich Ultimate Overload 2015

”The additional group to the Greenwich barkada was first seen enjoying Greenwich’s best-selling product, the Ultimate Overload in their latest TVC. Topped with 2 kinds of cheese, 4 kinds of meat, and a variety of other crowd favorites for a total of 13 toppings on top of a freshly-made, thick crust, the Ultimate Overload Pizza is sure to thrill every member of the Barkada giving them the #UltimateBarkadaExperience.”














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