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Sunday, July 26, 2015

My 2 years project: I need to produce more muscles in my body before I reach 40 years old [Ensure Stay Strong]


That’s my goal.. produce more muscles before I reach 40 years old, and I have two more years left before I hit that age. I’m so worried about it because this is my 2nd time to hear the same lecture about people who gets weaker and weaker as they old, and the reason is that there’s a nutrition gap and the weak people suffers because they lack muscles. As we go old, our body mass and muscle starts to go thin, that’s why older people are “tuyot” or dried up because of old age, Others looks fine, fat and looks healthy, but they don’t have the proper strength and power to do more activities or stay longer when walking, running or climb the stairs.

So that explains why I go tired so easily when climbing the MRT stairs or run for 5 minutes, because I don’t have the proper muscles to help me to keep going and going and that’s the reason why I joined this short program of Ensure just to figure if I need to tone more muscles and try working out again.


Inside the locker room, I look fine and healthy. Yeah I do some walking and slight running but Its not enough and I need to change my eating lifestyle and also get a regular exercise and work out. Im glad I attended this activity, I got scared after the event and it’s 2nd sign for me to go back in the gym and also eat a proper food.

I don’t want to grow old..weak
Because I'm an extreme sports enthusiast, and I need more energy to do those things and I don’t want to be an obese forever.

According to studies – The loss of strength is a major concern among Filipino adults. 8 out of 10 patients in the community complain of loss of strength and this is a top health concern among Filipinos age 40 years old and above.

Progressive muscle loss starts when we get old, there’s this 8% loss each decade among adults between the ages of 40 and 79, and then after that there will be 15% loss each decade after age 70.

Me trying the Muscle Mass Test device

Thanks to Abbott Nutrition for organizing a program like the “Ensure Stay Strong Grip Strength Challenge”, this event will increase awareness on the importance of identifying nutrition gaps for early intervention. The upcoming event aims to screen 200,000 old people via their “Hand Grip Strength Test and the Muscle Mass Test.

I tried the “Hand Grip Strength Test” and I’m glad its normal, I got a score of 38 after I squeezed that “Hand Grip Strength Test” device called the Hand Grip Dynamometer, the challenge is that you press and squeeze the device with one hand and you’ll see how strong your hands, and if you fail the test, it means that you are weak and you need to exercise and produce more muscles in your arms and hands. The Hand Grip Dynamometer measures the maximum isometric strength of the hand and forearm muscles.

The Muscle Mass test is another device that can measure your BMI or body mass index, there you can determine in just seconds your body mass weight and how much muscle you have in your body, the device calculates it via your body weight and height, and you need to lift that handle bar and raise it infront of your eye level to get the score.


That’s my BMI score…… and its under OBESE level… oh yeah!


I also failed for the muscle mass test.
It’s a sign that I should produce more muscles.
and yeah…Im scared to be a “tuyot” adult as I age
The staff who did the test advices that I should work out, go on a diet and drink Ensure to become strong before I reach the age of 40.

Here are the schedules of the Ensure Stay Strong Grip Strength Challenge
Aug 22-23 – in Glorietta
Aug 29-30 – in Alabang Town Center
September 5-6 – in Trinoma

Ensure Know your Strength Day will be on September 13, 2015 at the Alabang Town Center Activity Center. There will be a grip and muscle mass test, Zumba, Taichi and Yoga sessions, booths from event partners, on stage raffles and games, fun booths and special appearance of Edu Manzano.


I took that advice…. work out, have regular exercise and also eat food with proper nutrition.

Ensure Gold Product Shot
Drinking Ensure Gold will also help you get the proper nutrition, it’s a food supplement that you can partner with your gym workout. Ensure

To know more visit them at
Facebook -
Twitter @AbbottNews and @AbbottGloba

Our photo op with Edu Manzano after the massive cross fit at SPARTA in Pioneer

Me and the doods Edu Manzano


My view after the 5 stages of cross fit


Ruth and Florencio waving that heavy rope
I did one round and I already quit due to pain in my wrist after the baby crawl challenge


Earth, Ruth Floresca, Myrns and Rodel


The most easiest challenge --- the model walk while carrying a heavy cow’s bell


For hydration…


Took a rest after the push ups, planks and baby crawl


The baby crawl challenge, the most difficult challenge ever…..
I thought its easy but my arms got weaken after doing w 14 push ups…. which I failed to reach it to 41 push ups


Push up demo.
I told them I can do 100 push ups ……..but that was back in the days of my high school years hahaha


I think someone fainted…..




in SPARTA Pioneer


energy is back after eating some Juju eats food


Edu Manzano for Ensure


Edu Manzano, was out of show business for 10 years because he got asthma and got weaker, before he came back to work again, he needs to work out and make sure that he can keep on going without any hassle. He also said that he drinks Ensure last March 2015 and it really helps to make him strong.


Thanks to these ladies for helping me with the grip and muscle test….

Thanks to Ensure for the awareness….. and to my readers, pls try their grip and muscle test, so that you can understand your body mass index and also muscle mass.

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