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Sunday, July 19, 2015

PHP 692 lunch buffet at Spice Café of City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati City, offered this July 2015


Spice Café was introduced to the public once again by offering a 30% discount for their lunch buffet, an offer that is in line with the celebration of City Garden Grand Hotel’s 1st year anniversary. I’ve seen this hotel before, because I walked in front of it whenever I’m in Makati Ave and Kalayaan, I didn’t know that that this hotel is a 4 star hotel and mostly patronized by business and leisure travelers who are looking for a nice place to stay here in Metro Manila.

There are two City Garden Hotels in Makati, one is the old City Garden Hotel along Makati Ave, and the new City Garden Grand Hotel is located across the street in the corner of Makati Ave and Kalayaan st.


You won’t miss this when you are in Makati Ave. because it is one of the tallest building in the area and its easy to spot it because they have a big sign at the roof top and taxi drivers know this as a landmark in Makati Ave.

City Garden Grand Hotel
8008 Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue

Spice Cafe reservation: call 888-8181


The grand lunch buffet of Spice Café is normally priced at PHP 988 nett, but since they are celebrating their 1st year anniversary, they are offering a special price of PHP 692 for the entire month of July 2015.

The promo and lunch buffet is offered daily from 11:30am-2:30pm


Its my first time here and I really like the clear glass window. Spice Café is located at the 7th floor offers a 180 degree view of the Makati.


Long table inside Spice Café.
Hotel guest and walk in guest dine here for the lunch buffet


Spotted: Karl Ace of Turista Trails doing another selfie photo for his blog.
He got a really nice spot to eat his lunch


Spotted: @dudeforfood at the crepe station of Spice Café.


My taste and try moments at Spice Café. Its hard to choose from their wide range of cuisines, I seated near the salad and dessert station, and its very tempting to grab some sweets because their presentation at the dessert station is very appetizing.


My view at the other end of Spice Café


More seats by the window.



Salad station


Dessert station

Australian Prime Rib, the Centerpiece of the Buffet

Roast beef station

Warm Dishes Freshly Prepared

Filipino food station
aka veggie, seafood and meat station


Japanese station


Pasta station


Noodles, dimsum and takoyaki station


I super love the set up of their takoyaki station. Its my first time to see this in a café of a hotel.


Bread station
…btw, who eats bread for lunch? --- actually, I eat bread as my dessert haha..


Pizza station

A Shawarma Station At the Center of the Line

Yes..they have a shawarma station.

The Crepe Station Is a Must Try (2)

Crepe station

The buffet area and station are long… but each station are a bit cramped to each other, but that’s okay, since they can serve 4 people at the same time when infront of the buffet area.



Crispy Prawns

DSC_0037 DSC_0038

DSC_0041 DSC_0043DSC_0042

The glorious dessert station….with chocolate fountain


Japanese Maki only…. no sushi yet


Minestrone soup


Braised Beef Caldereta


Grilled pork loin with onion chutney


Stuffed chicken roulade


Salmon --- I forgot what it was called, but I super like this dish because it’s the most tastiest bite that I got… it beats my pork loin and caldereta.


Maki at the Japanese section.
I think they need to level up more to look more appetizing.. I didn’t tried it because there’s no California Maki


Potato croquette






And here’s the food on my table. I promised myself not to over eat, because I just came from Niu by Vikings last Sunday and I have to monitor my tummy because its growing bigger again.

But then…I didn’t mind that promise because I super love the taste of their Yangchow rice. Its not really a Yangcow original, but it’s a plain rice version with out the meat and seafood add ons.


Trying the crispy prawn and a lot of meat


I was surprised that the beef caldereta was beaten by the grilled pork loin when it comes to taste. But then the winner of my lunch is the salmon…. oh wow! masarap.


I don’t want to go home without biting a nice tempura. I enjoyed too their tempura but I accidentally used the soup bowl for the tempura dip hahaha.

For a PHP 692 price for a lunch buffet here in Spice Café, I can say that the offer is good and the food presentation at the buffet table is just right for the budget. But normally this is a buffet set up that is offered daily, they didn’t adjusted to lessen the number of food because of the price but still offered the same food they usually offer daily.

The meat, the seafood and Filipino food is my favorite selections here at Spice Café, I didn’t got a time to try the dimsum and pasta because I’m full already, I was hoping that they can serve also some good sushi and maki, but I guess they sacrificed that in order to meet the price range, I hope they can level it more, but the takoyaki is already a treat!

If you pay more than or less than PHP 600 in a classy or casual restaurant, then I suggest that you place your money here at Spice Café because you will be satisfied with their food, taste and also nice window view of Makati.


Preserves, Spreads, and Confitures Abound Sate Your Sweet Tooth, Sample a Wide Variety of Desserts

A Spread of Dishes to Rival the Cities Best Buffets Desserts and Sweets as Far As the Eye Can See

The Crepe Station Is a Must Try Australian Prime Rib, the Centerpiece of the Buffet (3)

Greens and Canapes (2) Greens and Canapes

A Wide Set of Action Stations Dot The Buffet Line DSC_0009

DSC_0011 DSC_0012

DSC_0018 DSC_0030

DSC_0035 DSC_0039

DSC_0040 DSC_0044

DSC_0061 DSC_0069

DSC_0071 DSC_0072

DSC_0073 DSC_0074

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