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Monday, July 13, 2015

The Wing Stop flavor revolution!


Its my first time to taste and try and also dine in here at Wing Stop in Glorietta 2. Its funny that I thought that it’s the same buffalo wings store that I tried in the hey days of Julia Vargas st. but its different and I think this Wing Stop stands out because they offer lots of flavor for the fried chicken wings.

But wait….. The eat out adventure started when I received a wrong SMS message from Earth Rullan, she sent a message that was supposed to be received by John Bueno, but then It took me 5 seconds to think that the message was not for me, so I texted back… John?? and then Earth texted back and told me that it was a wrong text hahaha.

I was at the season 2 screening of Extant in Greenbelt 3, and I spotted John at the front row and I asked him that Earth sent a wrong message to me, and then he said that they are planning to meet, then John asked me if ever I have some plans after the screening, I said to him that my next plan is to travel to BGC and attend an event at 6pm, but at that hour it was just 4pm and then he invited me to join with him to eat some chickens.

Then Jeman, Ted and Mynrs was invited too, so we went to Wing Stop to to try some buffalo wings… John’s treat! yey!

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Here’s Wing Stop store in Glorietta 2, Makati

The uniqueness of Wing Stop to other buffalo wings store is that they offer a lot of flavors for their buffalo wings. The taste is very different and an original taste and also they have the spiciest and high level of chili in the Atomic flavor.

From their website – “Wingstop is all about one thing: FLAVOR. Whether it’s through our 9 signature sauced-and-tossed flavors, through our six awesome dips, or through our range of delicious sides, flavor comes through everything we do.
WE KEEP IT REAL, with everything always cooked-to-order and served piping hot for an experience unparalleled anywhere else. Flavor is who we are, and flavor is what we bring to the table.”


the foodies – John, Jeman, Ted and Myrns


I took a selfie when John finishes ordering..actually I don’t know what because they have a lot of flavors available. But I just avoided the Atomic flavor – which is the chilliest flavor ever at Wing Stop.

And here’s the menu..





I didn’t saw the Chipotle rice as one of their side dish, if ever I saw that..I might order 5 set of it aahahah just to match it with our buffalo wings

Mas masarap kasi kainin ito pag may rice.


Wow! that’s a nice welcome sign.


And here’s our bill….. thanks for the treat!!!


Hot Buffalo flavor is my favorite…. the spice and chili is just right. I can adjust by dipping this in a chili sauce to increase the chili according to my preference.


Onion Rings
PHP 85

Its good…not too oily and not saggy


Lemon Pepper flavor
7 pcs @ PHP 395 with 2 additional dip ( we chose blue cheese and BBQ)

If you want real buffalo chicken wings flavor with the spice, then you have to try their yummy lemon pepper flavor first.


Cajun flavor


Teriyaki and Hot Buffalo flavor

I didn’t like the Teriyaki flavor, its too common, I super dig the Hot Buffalo…..taste good than a Korean chicken wings.


Garlic Parmesan

It’s the newest flavor to my taste’s a quick fave after trying one piece of it.


Close up look of the Hot Buffalo flavored chicken wings


Close up look of the Teriyaki flavored chicken wings


John also introduced this to us…. a Boneless chicken bites at Wing Stop.
Its like a Chicken balls…. cooked in buffalo wings style.

They come out with the same flavor.

Above: Teriyaki and Cajun


Garlic parmesan boneless chicken bites


BBQ Flavor and Atomic!!!!


Lemon pepper and garlic parmesan


Hot Buffalo and Cajun


Here’s the size of the Boneless chicken bite --- its like a meat balls.

And here’s our foodie and eat reactions.


Jeman, Myrns and Ted are inspecting the flavor of their chicken wings
hahahaha. I think they are avoiding the Atomic flavor.


Me and my Teriyaki flavored wings


Ted before eating the Atomic flavored wings


John took lots of bites of the Atomic…and he’s still fine. as in di pinagpawisan sa anghang haha


Mynrs and her lemon pepper wings


Jeman and his orig flavored wings ( aka lemon pepper)


Earth photo ops with her chosen flavor – Cajun and the Hot Buffalo flavor


Oh by the way.. here’s ted after eating an Atomic.. ahhahahaa… sweat to the maxx..

Some pics

DSC_0024 DSC_0030DSC_0032 DSC_0034DSC_0081 DSC_0084DSC_0087 DSC_0014
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