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Friday, July 10, 2015

Veems launched "VeemsCast app" in Manila - a broadcasting tool for Filipino Bloggers


Iddo Goren, CEO of Veems was here in Manila to promote their messaging app and also the upcoming new features of Veems, the VeemsCast. It is a new feature that is exclusive for brands that enables them to communicate direct to their customers and also for Philippine bloggers to send notice to their readers about their blog update. The launch of VeemsCast was done here in the Philippines, and we are honored that the Veems team selected our country to host the 1st launch of the new features of Veems.

I’ve seen how it works and it looks more engaging in targeting a different side of netizens and mobile users within the Veems environment. Iddo Goren said “We are thrilled to release VeemsCast in the Philippines. We believe that the blogging community here is strong and vibrant”

Goren also revealed VeemsCast’s future features that can further help bloggers as well as brands and businesses to connect with their followers in a more engaging and meaningful way.
The VeemsCast got a feature to send event invites and also cast votes or survey to the Veemer’s network. This is a great tool for online publishers who wants to have real and organic engagement to their readers. Everyone can be connected by the Veems app and it directs everyone to their page, website or blog.

For publishers who wants to know about the stats of their post and activity at VeemsCast, they can also review that number of subscribers, stats for engagement, invites sent and accepted, content downloads, and also the VeemCast broadcaster rank vs. other broadcasters. There’s also the Roulette feature available for the Veemers, they can spin the roulette icon and get stumbled on a readable shared content by the VeemsCast blogger broadcaster.

Iddo shared that their VeemsCast got a higher visitors conversion rate vs. Facebook. It means that the Veems network gets more organic clicks by delivering the message direct to the VeemsCast subscriber. I think this is more engaging than the Facebook Page.

Goren shared that Veems now have 460,000 users from the Philippines and last June 2015, Veems generated 20,000 more new users from the Philippines in just one week. I think their visit here really boost up the promotion of their app.

Veems is currently available only in Android, but then according to Moran Halevi, Business development manager of Veems, that the iOS app version will come next once they roll out the new features and updates of Veems. It means that Veems will change more in the next coming months and they will add more great features for the Veemers network. I asked her if they can bring back the public timeline in Veems, but Moran said that Veems will concentrate on private communication and also the VeemsCast blast. I’m just hopeful, but I can now accept that public timeline is sooo Friendster and Facebook.

As of this writing, I just learned that you can now create your own sticker message and voice recording at Veems. I learned about it when I read the blog of Irene Enriquez, head of communications of Veems, about the latest upgrade of the Veems app. You can read more of it here at

Veems is in coop with some bloggers here in the Philippines, I’m one of the bloggers and I’m happy that they offered first the VeemsCast to us for the beta testing, and its really helpful to boost up our blog readership. Veems is also working with Kata and Mac Power, as the 1st brands who can use the power of VeemsCast, watch out for their updates in Veems.

Veems is now evolving more than just a messaging app, and its clear that Iddo’s message to us is that the app is not used for texting, but it is used for communication and that’s how Veems work in the fields of mobile communication.


FREE Download Veems at the Google Play Store -

Get update with Veems via Facebook page -

For Bloggers, you can now apply for a VeemsCast at this link – or send an email to


Eli of shows his Veems network


I just sent a photo message with audio to Ron Villagonzalo.
Me and Tonette said that we’re waiting for the beers and food to arrive ahahaha.


Iddo Goren, CEO of Veems.
Its really awesome to meet a CEO and also a app developer


VeemsCasters….. Gian of , Irene of and Ted of


Iddo meets the local tech news makers


Moran partying with the PH bloggers at Veems Vibe PH in Z Hostel Makati


My Veems sticker is here! w00t!


Here are some photos from the VEEMS VIBE PH Presscon and Party in Z Hostel

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