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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys - my wish list

Star Wars Force Friday - toy launch in SM MOA

My Star Wars Force Friday mania is not yet finished because I haven’t got the actual toys on my hands yet. I still droll on the photos that I took last Force Friday event in SM MOA, and I went to Toy Kingdom in our town and I found zero The Force Awakens toyline. This new toy line will be distributed soon, and Toy Kingdom is doing an inch by inch move to send more toys for the next coming weeks.

If ever Im in SM MOA or SM Megamall, a visit to Toy Kingdom is a must, because their branch there sells the new line of Star Wars.

I didn’t got the time to check and read the labels of these toys that was launched and unboxed last Force Friday, it took me some days to digest everything and now I already listed my very own wish list ot own these Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys.

geez, this hobby is so expensive! hahaa

1. Star Wars: Hero Mashers
Photo above..

This toy is not for me, it will be for my son Ashton, because he started collecting already some of the Marvel Universe and Transformers line of Hero Mashers. He is also a fan of Star Wars, he was amazed when he saw that there will be a Hero Masher version of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and other iconic characters from the Star Wars saga.

Picking up a two pack of Luke and Darth Vader is also a good deal. I think the version of Luke Skywalker in Bespin outfit is exclusive only to this two pack line.

Star Wars Force Friday - toy launch in SM MOA

2. Micro Machines

OMG!!!! if you know this toys then your childhood days are awesome!!! I always share the awesomeness of these tiny toys and I just can’t believe that Micro Machines is back!! My son don’t have this yet, but he really wants to own those tiny automobiles and trucks, Its also the toys from the past 90s that I still want today, because they are so tiny, easy to store and you can bring it anywhere. Micro Machines toys were gone after the mid 90s and Im happy that they are bringing this back for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens new movie.

But this time…they created a little fun --- the toys are sealed in a blind pack… so if you bought one pack, you didn’t know what kind of toy or ship you are getting.

Oh man, I really hate this concept..but Im so glad that Micro Machines is back!! I hope they create more of it.

Star Wars Force Friday - toy launch in SM MOA

3. Millenium Falcon

If ever I will invest in a bigger Star Wars toys, then I will throw away my money for this new Millenium Falcon toy set. I haven’t seen the real toys, but according to my research . this is the best toy version everyone, because the Falcon can go into a war to any Tie Fighter or Star Destroyer, because it has a lot of pop canons and it includes an exclusive figure of Chewbacca, Finn and BB8

Star Wars Force Friday - toy launch in SM MOA

4. Darth Vader Mask

Darth Vader masks were everywhere before, but I haven’t grabbed my own mask.. This new version still have the voice activated feature.

The mask is best fit for kids…Okay..I will find away to fit this to my face haha.

Star Wars Force Friday - toy launch in SM MOA

5. Kylo Ren’s lightsaber

It’s the plastic light saber that pops out when you swing it.. The Kylo Ren saber is one awesome toy saber for everyone, because the two small saber also pops out when you swing it and just imagine you just ignited three sabers in one saber hilt

Im sure this saber will go sold out first…

Star Wars Force Friday - toy launch in SM MOA

6. Kylo Ren action figure

I stay away from the Star Wars toy line when Power of the Force toy line filled up all the toy shelves of our toy stores during the Star Wars Special Edition mania. I don’t want to be dragged into the Force, but once you got one figure….you already fallen into a trap.

Why?? Star Wars toys = collect them all

But I will submit my surrender…because I cannot resist anymore and its time to embrace the 3 1/2 action figure line of Star Wars. To begin… I will grab a Kylo Ren action figure..

It’s a good companion to my 3 Star Wars figures – Darth Maul, Obi Wan Kenobi and Qui Gon Jinn.

Star Wars Force Friday - toy launch in SM MOA

7. BB8 remote controlled toy

BB8 is getting a lot of notices after launching the movie trailer and also the toy line. I heard that this RC BB8 is almost sold out, for a price of PHP 4.5k you can now have a BB8 with RC features and sound that you can play with.

I heard that its almost close as the BB8 Sphero, minus the smartphone controls and patrol commands.

Star Wars Force Friday - toy launch in SM MOA

8. R2D2 Bop It toy

Anything that is R2D2 and with electronic sound is very recommended..but this time, a Bop it R2D2 toy is a much fun to play with it.

Just imitate the sound of R2D2 using the body parts of this toy and then win the game.

Star Wars Force Friday - toy launch in SM MOA

9. Luke Skywalker figure

I don’t have yet my own Luke figure, so this version is a good buy already…. but still they don’t have a release yet of the old Luke from the The Force Awakens movie…

Star Wars Force Friday - toy launch in SM MOA

10. BB8 Sphero

This is the most “I WANT TOY” ever from the Star Wars The Force Awakens toy line. It’s a smartphone controlled toy and it operates and act as your own droid. Sphero toys are expensive here in the Philippines, the regular Sphero toy is sold here at a price of PHP 8k.

But for the BB8 Sphero toy, the offiicial distributor is selling this here for PHP 12.5k.
Super insane price ever!!! but I super love the features of this toy, because its very intelligent and high tech. The BB8 Sphero can recognize voice commands and also do patrol around your house.

Its like the real BB8 droid, but the scale is quiet perfect for a Hot Toys Star Wars.

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