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Sunday, October 11, 2015

RE/MAX enters the Philippines real estate industry


RE/MAX has set its foot here in the Philippines, if you don’t know what is RE/MAX, they are the World’s No. 1 Real Estate brand and has the largest global network of highly successful brokers and agents in 100 countries. RE/MAX Philippines is here to offer end-to-end Real Estate business solutions to the most common industry problems such as -- Recruiting, retaining and training agents; Controlling expenses, c) Managing the bottom line.

RE/MAX can help the consumers on what they need, they have a website where you can search their real estate market listing for residential, commercial and office space. RE/MAX can also tap their licensed and accredited agents and brokers to help the consumers to be supplied with information of a real estate property that fits their preference.

RE/MAX Philippines is here to offer their franchisee program for real estate developers or individual that needs more real estate business solution and manpower. Also they train brokers and agents and get an accreditation with RE/MAX.

In the past, we have lots of worries that we might get duped by a real estate agent that we didn’t know personally, even agents we know who don’t have any license as a broker is hard to trust in these days. Lots of problems are now being faced here in Manila, as the traffic congestion is getting worse everyday, finding the right real estate property with your right preference is very difficult, but an agent from RE/MAX can be useful for your property hunting, they can visit you and invite you to check out your prospect property.

”RE/MAX teaches its franchisees/brokers to get to know their clients. We want them to talk to their prospects and find out what these people want versus what they need. This is how they can be effective brokers. In the end, what we will have are happy customers and that's why we are here” According to RE/MAX Philippines country manager Michelle Perlas

RE/MAX Philippines has entered the real estate industry, they will use their most effective style of marketing a property that is not yet been practiced here in the country, The good part for RE/MAX is that you can sell your property outside the country and there will be agents overseas that can help bring the property to the right person.

RE/MAX is not just for property developers, agents, brokers or consumers, its for everyone who need proper assistance in real estate knowledge.

RE/MAX Philippines head office is located at 25th Floor Citibank Tower II, 8741 Paseo de Roxas St., Makati City, Philippines.

For more information, call (63 2) 511-1429 to 30; 511-1943 or email or visit

















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