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Monday, October 12, 2015

UFO sighting in Trece Martirez, Cavite is FAKE!

Fake UFO in Trese Martires, Cavite Oct 12, 2015

I skipped my work this morning when I learned that the photo above that was shared in Facebook by Jay Mark Saquillo is going viral, it already reached my Facebook friend’s timeline and also my family here in Cavite.

I decided to blog this and reveal that the photo posted by Jay Mark is FAKE!!!

it’s a capital – F A K E….
as in peke

Jay used the camera app CAMERA 360 to use the prank UFO feature to photo manipulate the real environment with fake objects like UFO, dragon, giant spider or lightning.

I first saw this when Chuckie Dreyfus posted it on his Facebook timeline, I analyze the photo content and just posted that the photo is fake.

Because clouds in Cavite are not that low til it reach the electric cable and aliens on UFO are not dumb to fly so low…and Im sure Jay’s dad will not be the only one to capture on photo, maybe a balut vendor with an iPhone can capture a better video than his dad…if UFO came out in public

If that happens..expect me to travel in Trece to do a personal docu for my blog…

but…the photo is sooooo fake!

Fake UFO in Trese Martires, Cavite Oct 12, 2015

Here’s a closer look.
The photo is from the phone of Jay’s dad.
Were not sure if its from his dad, or maybe Jay took a photo of it using an app.

Pinalabas na lang ni Jay na taken by his dad…

So Jay Mark’s Facebook UFO prank really works and it went viral since October 9.
Expect no apologies from Jay Mark…I wonder if his dad knew about this.

Fake UFO in Trese Martires, Cavite Oct 12, 2015

His post is now receiving 4,600++ shares already on Facebook and it already caused some panic to some people who are not aware that this photo is fake.

Fake UFO in Trese Martires, Cavite Oct 12, 2015

Other Facebook users who are pro photographer and graphic designers shared this CGI stock graphics of the same UFO.

The image was grabbed from the net.

Fake UFO in Trese Martires, Cavite Oct 12, 2015

Then on Chuckie’s FB thread, his FB user John Rey shared a screen cap from the Camera 360 app and it revealed that the photo posted by Jay is from this app.

This reveals that his photo is Fake and it came from the Camera 360 app.

I admit that Im a UFO sighting fanatic and I make sure that I put a lot of attention to this social media post by Jay, and share an analysis if its real or not, its my first time to blog it here too

In the past, I’ve revealed also a fake UFO video by this popular pinoy UFOlogist on Youtube and everyone were laughing because he used a stick with lights to video a UFO movements above the night sky.

UFO sightings are rare, its hard to believe, but when you see it….you’ll say that it could be a UFO or just a satellite fly by

But one UFO sighting that I can’t explain is the UFO Cylindrical shape that rotates and fly around in Cavite last 2011.

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