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Monday, October 12, 2015

North Asian Showdown- Japanese, Chinese and Korean buffet in Marriott Cafe


I always have a wonderful and awesome dining experience in Marriot Hotel’s Marriott Café, my favorite dishes are there and I always dig it whenever I visit them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But for their buffet special for Sept 17-Oct 15, 2015, they featured my favorite Japanese, Chinese and Korean dishes for their North Asian Showdown buffet special.

Because of that buffet special event, my dining experience is very different and I felt it was my first time to dine in Marriott Café after eating their Korean dishes.

I felt that Im in a new Marriott Café…..but this time, tasting an authentic Korean dishes that was personally handled by their Korean guest chef – Chef Su Dong Jing. Also Marriott’s executive Chinese Chef – Chef Law Wing Wiu is always there to bring authentic Chinese cuisine.

Here are the rates:
Sept 17-Oct 15, 2015
Mon-Sat lunch buffet -- PHP 1900
Sun-Thurs Dinner buffet -- PHP 2100


The good news is that Marriott Café just finished their dining area make over.
This time, they brought a much wider, spacious and glamorous dining area for their guest


Hotel staff in Japanese and Korean traditional costume that welcomed their guest during the opening night of North Asian Showdown.


Marriott Café’s new dining area


Marriott Café’s new dining area


North Asian Showdown also features the best beer, wine and traditional wines from Japan, China and Korea.

Each drinks are marked with a special price.


That Japanese sake dispenser is awesome……. a gulp of a small cup of sake is really good..
take note: they are served in warm condition.


Marriott Café’s regulars are also there during the North Asian Showdown.


Seafood is one of the best seller here.


Sushi and maki at the Japanese section


Roasted duck, chicken, turkey and piglet are a favorite at the Chinese section


There’s also a make your own Ramen
Im glad that the serving is just right and not too many.. this will help you to make more room in your tummy.


My favorite dish from the North Asian Showdown is the Korean area.
Its Marriott’s first time to have a Korean buffet, so I dig this and enjoyed a Korean dishes for the night.


Kimchi pancake are a must try…


A platter of Bibimbap
the serving is just right…and not too much
The Bibimbap is prepared by their Korean chef


From their Korean buffet

Stir dried pork belly with chili paste sauce


My favorite--- Kalbi Jim


Fried chicken with chili sauce
yes…its Korean..because of the chili and spicy sauce.


The best experience is to make my own Korean Hot Pot.
I just select some leafy ingredients and some seafood for my Korean Hot Pot

Get some petchay, toge, lots of kimci, seashells, squid and some onion leaves.


And after some minutes,the chef staff cooked my ingredients with Korean Hot Pot soup
and I just created the perfect Korean flavor……omg, it reminded me of that Kimchi Jigae or a Hae Mul Tang


Here’s a bowl of my Korean Hot Pot…I super enjoyed this and for the first time I mixed the right ingredients and got the taste that I want.


After my Korean Hot Pot, I went to the ramen area and ordered a kind of ramen with miso soup base
Its okay….but maybe bec of the Korean Hot pot…the taste stayed on my buds for a longer time….Its hard to taste their ramen.


Lace sipping the hot and chili Korean Hot Pot
I have a photo of her grinning after the chili effect ahhahaha Im not going to post it


Its tea time for her.. but


Its ramen time for me….


Us..dining with travel and food bloggers in one table.


Thanks to Marriott Hotel’s Michelle Garcia for inviting us to try and taste their North Asian Showdown.

For foodies who love Korean food and hotel dining…. You should try and check Marriott Café’s North Asian Showdown buffet specials
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