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Monday, November 30, 2015

Netpoleon PH warns that cyber hacking reaches the physical world


Netpoleon Philippnes, a leading regional VAD or Value Added Distributor of IT Network and Security products and services is sharing an information and warning that cyber hacking is now infiltrating the physical world.

Imagine the movie – The Matrix, the concept of people hacking and entering the digital world as a computer program, but what if the computer program hacks the real world as it was shown in the character of Agent Smith entering a human body and taking over.

That concept is really happening and many people are not aware that cybercrimes can now occur in the real world. But not as a body snatcher like Agent Smith.

Francis Goh, the managing director of Netpoleon Group of Companies, was here in the Philippines for a Solutions Day conference in Dusit Hotel, We met him for an afternoon session and learned from him that cyber hacking is getting out of hand and we really need to prepare to equip ourselves with the best network security solutions to combat hackers and viruses.

Consumers just need a simple software and hardware at home to shield themselves from hackers, but for big companies and corporations, they need more than just a software and hardware, these corporations hire also the IT experts and cyber security guards to safe guard their company’s digital network.

A good example when a media and entertainment company got hacked from the outside, the hacker leaks sensitive and private emails of the big boss and also the hackers got copies of unreleased games and also movies.

For the real world… hacking can also kill people. Some hackers found a way to hack the pace maker embedded on a person.

Its scary and more reports are coming in about terrorist group are now into cyber hacking


The most interesting part of the conference is how the Philippine Government secure itself from cyber hacking and how they are prepared…and or…are they really aware about these modern hacking? But according to Netpoleon Philippines General Manager Sharie Marasigan, the PH Gov’t is aware about data breach and they always listen to advices to get a powerful network security.

But I heard that there are some part that the PH Gov’t is a bit slow for the implementation of a better cyber shield.

Here’s a quote from Ms. Marasigan

“The government has driven awareness and acceptance on these kinds of things. In fact, they are ramping up a lot of IP security projects before this year ends. And it’s beyond firewall and IPS. It’s beyond the perimeters of security. We’re talking about visibility and proactively mitigating hackers out there, When it comes to decision from the government, usually it wouldn’t be so fast. I worked with governments across the ASEAN region, and most of them were very careful in selecting technologies and service providers. Perhaps because they have a responsibility towards the citizens. This is public funds, after all”

Netpoleon together with their partner vendors -- Arbor Networks, A10 Networks, BlueCat Networks, Blue Coat Systems, Brocade Communications Systems, CheckPoint Software Technologies, Dell Sonic Wall, and HP Enterprise Security gathered together for this Solutions Day conference, they share news, tips and information drive about modern cyber crimes and hacks.

Our PBNET team mate Raffy Pekson and Ron Villagonzalo asked Netpoleon if there are affordable solutions available for the SME, we know that network solutions and cyber security are expensive, the team asked them what will be the best security platforms for their small business.

Netpoleon told us that they have packages available for the SME. They can contact them for consultation and run down of prices available for startup and small companies.

Learn more about Netpoleon
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