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Monday, November 30, 2015

Tech education for end users at Belkin Academy Philippines


Belkin Academy was organized last month and this is to share information about the Belkin products and also learn what's the best thing to do and and not to do with our smartphones or gadgets. For example, charging gadgets with a different ac charger might trigger short circuit and fire, Because of the rampant selling of substandard chargers in the black market, many people are at risk of electrocution, fire and short lifespan of their mobile devices.

Belkin, the leader in tablet and smartphone accessories launches this Belkin Academy in the Philippines to offer 4 courses to the consumers, tech fans and gadget users.

The four courses are: Third Party Products (3PP) Research and Development, Autobanhn Safety, Type "C" Certification and the study of Herpetology.

It may sound boring at first, but I'm very satisfied with the lecture and I’ve learned so many things and I thought I’m a tech expert already, I almost forgot the basic rules to keep your gadgets safe, secured and have long life span


During talks, they’ve introduced some of Belkin’s new products, from wall socket chargers up to car charger for your mobile devices.

I also learned here that power surges from wall sockets and car’s battery can damage your devices.
I will post more info after a series of photos below.


Belkin Academy class inside the function room of F1 Hotel. Thanks to Macpower Marketing for organizing this with Belkin.

(photo via Chelle Campos)


And here are my Belkin Academy classmates….the PBNET team.


My seatmate Arabelle Jimenez and behind me – Jaja Ramirez and Karina Ramos
We sat there for almost three hours to have an exchange of knowledge with the Belkin rep.


Left: Epik Pios of Macpower, Irene Enriquez of PBNET and also Veems and Myka Basco of Macpower.
If ever I know, we should have worn our college or high school uniform that night hahaha.

(pic via Irene Enriquez)

Christina Perry, a rep of Belkin was there as the first speaker. She shared to us that Belkin's mobile solution meets the highest standards in the industry. The company is already here for 30 years and they've provided the users the most reliable and safest product for their mobile devices.

Belkin already produces a total of 2,000 products since 1983, and they have three brands under the Belkin umbrella – Wemo, Linksys and Belkin.

Belkin is the number 1 in 3rd party products for Lightning, the number 1 in docks, number 2 for mobility power and to do the math, Belkin has sold 32 cables per minute globally.

Belkin’s cable is guaranteed safe, because they manufactured it in their own plant with MFI approved facility.

Comparing it with other brands and non-certified third party generic cables or chargers, they don’t have the proper certification to manufacture it, all contents are substandard, and they don’t have metal shield for the electrical heat. For Belkin, they got all of these certification and top of the line production of their products.

Belkin’s car chargers are cooled when used, when charging, all heat are transferred to the cable little by little, the charger absorbs a lot of heat and the right specs for this (Belkin’s spec) is 37C only. For substandard chargers and cables,they can heat up so easily and sometimes they explode due to over heat.

Belkin has its own built in capacitors, thermal silicon and inductors. That’s why the price is a bit premium, it contains a lot of specs that is suited for your needs and safety, that’s why they last long.

Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW)
Belkin has this CEWs service to their customers who owns their chargers. Its like an insurance service, if a unit is damaged by an electrical charge and then you used a Belkin product. The company (Belkin) will guarantee to replace your damaged unit and the Belkin product. If Belkin is at fault, they will replace all of it.

Belkin is the original creator of CEW in the USA. To complain, just call 1-800 number by landline, you can also contact them via email and customers should provide an official proof of purchase from a store where you bought it here in the Philippines.

AutoBahn Gear
Belkin created lots of gears designed for people on the go.

They have car chargers with chipset that can set charging based on detecting the power needed by a certain connected unit to the charger, they call it universal compatibility. Their car chargers will read and determine first the power needed by your mobile device. It will limit it self in distributing large amount of electricity needed for charging. A good product of Belkin is the MIXIT Metallic Car Charger.

Rock Star Charger can charge 2 iPad air and 2 other USB powered gadgets, they can charge at once and cable can be extended up to the back of the driver to accommodated the passengers at the back.

BLACK MAMBA USB CABLE – SPLICE IT, BREAK IT, THEY WILL REPLACE ITThe most interesting part of the Belkin Academy is the introduction of the Black Mamba USB cable. I have seen this and tried this and I can say that this is the most toughest USB cable ever. And Belkin guarantees you that if you break it….they can immediately replace it with a new one.

USB Type C is the new USB standard
I’m so late about the news of this new USB standard called – Type C. Thanks to Belkin Academy for introducing to us the next generation versions of USB cables and its standard.

USB Type C can transfer data up with top speed and up to 10Gbps, you can transfer large files within minutes. Also the power delivery to your charging gadget is up to 100W and for the smartphone – 12W.

Expect that new gadgets are now using type C, because its faster and much smart in delivering power to your gadget.

It will evolve soon into a true universal standard for USB, as of now, USB are 1.0 and 2.0, in the next coming years, manufacturers will integrate to USB 3.1 and USB Type C.

WIFI ROUTERS Another interesting topic is about WIFI routers. I encountered some problems already with our Linksys router at home, then I learned from the Belkin Academy, is that when there are multiple of users sharing in one WIFI network, then all of us will experience slow connection.

I also discovered that we are using 2.5 Ghz single band router. Then I got the best tip ever….. we should upgrade to dual band because the network will be much more spacious to multiple users. Linksys dual band WIFI routers can distribute WIFI with 2.5 ghz and 5 ghz at the same time. There will be no traffic in our network if ever we have a dual band router.

And it means that….its time for us to upgrade.

And here are the products under the Belkin line.


The toughest USB cable – the Black Mamba


Aka MIXIT Metallic USB Cable


Spotted this Belkin machine that can apply screen protectors for iPhone 6 and up


Belkin Sport Fit and Sport Fit+ armband


An armband product to carry your device with you during your work out


Mobile device car mount


I have this home


Here’s a car mount that you can place in a car’s cup holder.


MIXIT Power Pack 4000


MIXIT Metallic home chargers


USB Chargers


Linksys routers and WIFI extenders.

Belkin products are available in electronic and gadget store nationwide.
And also available for purchase at

Belkin is distributed here in the Philippines by Macpower Marketing

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