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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Veemscasting –a new way of reaching new blog readers via Veems messaging app


For online publishers such as bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers, we always find a way of reaching and targeting new readers of our blog. The technique of tapping new readers is very common for publishers, we do research and find these targeted readers where they hang out and usually talk about the same topic and interest.

Before, we rely on Google search and online bulletin boards in promoting our blog sites, then today Facebook is the next venue to tap them because the market is already there. Then community based app are the next big thing, because these users/readers are the most active and most engaging people because they receive the info and content as it happens by just using a mobile device with an app.

Today, I have found another community that lurks and they live away from Facebook, these target users are using a mobile message app called “VEEMS”, it’s a messaging chat app with features of person to person chat.

Veems first started as a mobile social network app that allows a user to send a photo with audio to the entire community. It’s a new media content that is normally called “veem” – a combination of photo and sound in one media content. Its different from a static photo, or animated gif or a video. A veem is a new evolved content created by users via the Veems app.

A veem uses a small bit size of photo and compress audio, giving the photo more life and makes it a very engaging content to a veem receiver. It’s a fun content that you can even get to know more of your Veemer friend

After a year, Veems made a big over haul and re-launched a new model, turning the veem social network into a person to person messaging app. The big change occurred last June 2015 and the roll out of new features started on July 2015 by releasing the Veemscast feature for online publishers, bloggers, brands and social media influencers. It’s a new tool on how you can expand your fan base, brand awareness and also blog readership.

A new feature for online publishers called “VEEMSCAST”, it’s a person to many chat feature that talks to thousands of Veems user or Veemers, its like a message blast app that you can communicate with the Veemers via mobile. They read the message and do interact right away, because these users are always online and Veemers are always on stand by for new messages.

I’ve tried the Veemscast since it was launched last July 2015, and now I have a total of 1,585 Veemer followers. Thanks to Veems for adding a Veemscaster’s listing in their app. Users of the app can add people and also follow the Veemscasters or Veems broadcasters that depends on their interest for content or personality.

I don’t know these people who followed me, but as soon as I get to engage with them by sending a message or a veem, they interact right away and also reply with a message, an emoticon or a veem message.


It was like different from VLOGGING, because in Veemscast, I can send them a veem photo with sound on what’s around, what I’m doing, what I love and sometimes…my rants.

Its good to hear that they send advice too whenever I ask them something. I’ve learned that these Veemers are not really my blog readers or fellow Veems member, for me they turned out to by virtual friend. Because the content I send to them are all REAL and not FAKED and the content or message they send back to me as a reply are all REAL too.

I share my blog post via the Veemscast, the message and promotion of my blog reaches these readers who are always online via mobile. My mobile readers stat increases during Sept-October 2015 and I noticed that it added a big factor to my blog hits. I haven’t activated a Google Analytics stats for this, but give me another month to show you a data report about this big increase of readership. I just need to get a data on how many people read my blog that came from Veems.

My Veems followers are not the click addict type, meaning that they usually hang out on Facebook or any other website just to read. Some of them are not content publisher or people who usually post content online, but here on Veems, I noticed that they learn on how to create a content for their Veems chat mates and followers, because the app enables them to create their own veem, a message or even their own emoticon. Its great to see that Veems teaches its users on how to be an internet savvy type, because they learn from the app, learn from the Veemscasters and learn from fellow Veemers.

In Veemscasting, I learned from my personal experience that I have this new community that I need to take care of. They always listen to me in all messages and blog links I share. That’s why in return, I should also listen to them too, in order to keep our Veem to veem relationship holy.

If you are a publisher, a brand, or a blogger, Using Veems app with Veemscasting feature will expand your blog readership and not only that, you can also learn about your readers and what they like.

To Join VeemsCast
Just install Veems in your Android smartphone
Then go to Settings and click the Veemscast registration.


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