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Saturday, December 26, 2015

My list of movies to watch from the Metro Manila Film Festival 2015 line up


Some of my friends asked me if which movie will I watch at this year’s 41st Metro Manila Film Festival 2015, I don’t have yet the time to watch it and Im sure cinemas are jam packed and I just let the loyal fans watch it first, (I hope I can drop by on Monday to watch some of it).
But I accepted the real deal of these movies that they are not on my taste of interest, after watching several movies years ago, they still follow the same template and always do it over and over again, I got tired of watching it and I decided to abandoned this movie fest for awhile because the movie isn’t really working for me. (After watching Okay ka Fairy ko movies for the nth time, I gave it a break na )

There are good movies last year and I just let it pass, I usually see these films playing inside the public bus and I got a chance to see it, there are times that I just say that I wish that I saw this movie during the fest.

For these year, there’s a tough competition going on. The rival networks are on the race to earn the big time number 1 with a load of movie earnings.

By looking at the photo above posted by The Philippine Star Facebook page, we see already a partial and unofficial result. The fans of the celebrities and love teams fuel these movies, on the other I noticed that there are some interesting movies to watch..but I’m not 100 percent sure that they are great, but at least, it gave me an interest to see it.

So here are my list

1. Nilalang

2. Beauty and the Bestie

3. Honor Thy Father

Nilalang got my interest to watch it because I hear some good raves about it, because of its cinematography and movie styles applied on a pinoy movie, I heard that the story is weak but it gave another window for us to see that a pinoy film can even match high quality production sets, location, design and post production effort like we see in foreign films.

Beauty and the Bestie is on my list, because I have seen a Vice Ganda movie on a bus (yes on a bus again) and its real pinoy comedy, of the gay humor kind, but it’s a pinoy comedy film that can tickle a pinoy movie goer. My money is on it, I find so cheesy on the story line and their cast, but I see that Vice Ganda will carry most of the humor in this movie. That’s real entertainment, because I want to see modern type of comedy and not the re-hash comedy styles.

Honor Thy Father gave me a 50-50 of interest to watch it, because of its story and also Im curious on how they will add the suspense-thrill genre as it was labeled in this movie. Im sure there are lots of drama here..which Im not interested to see it…if its an action, suspense, thriller kind..then my money goes here.

Ok. if you have the time..then let’s give them a chance (again and again) to prove that they are really worth it as a part of this MMFF 2015.

I can say that these movies are created for movie earnings only, but still they are created to add entertainment to us pinoys these Christmas vacation.

Okay sige..nood na tayo. sino manlibre?

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