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Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens–reactions and non-spoiler reviews (7/10 rating)


The movie is finally showing in all cinemas in the Philippines and a few days it will be shown worldwide, and we waited for more than a year for the movie release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens after its 1st announcement and also 10 years after the last Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and 32 years since the end of the original trilogy.. Wow it’s a long wait but Im happy that Star Wars are not forgotten and there’s always a new content for the new generations of fans and it makes Star Wars a timeless classic Sci fi story.

I’m posting here my reactions and my non-spoiler review, Don’t worry guys, my reviews are always non-spoileriousss, so relax.

I watched the movie with my family, – my wife and my 5 year old son who is a hard core fan of Star Wars, he became a fan after playing those LEGO Star Wars game on his iPad and also been exposed to some toys, video games and then the original trilogy+episode 1.

That’s how new generations be converted to Star Wars, but back then during the 80’s, us old fans appreciated it by watching the movie , read comics and then play with toys. It’s a big difference, but still the Star Wars mania and excitement are much the same, I ‘m happy that new generations love the first original trilogy, a very important trilogy arc that opened up a new story for another trilogy for the new generation and old fans of Star Wars.

Star Wars:The Force Awakens can be your best Star Wars movie and could be your 2nd or maybe worse Star Wars movie. Others are very faithful to the original trilogy and while others, especially new fans will consider the new movie their most favorite ever. The film style and story telling is very modern, no more secrets, no more hidden agenda, and no more “ I am your father thing”, the movie will give you a big smack in the face and experience a mind blown experience for the next sci fi saga of Star Wars episode 7 aka The Force Awakens.

Old fans will focus on the return of the original cast of Star Wars, we will search for answers and later on try to accept it if it’s a good answer or not. For new fans, they will embrace everything…. from old characters, new characters and new tech featured in the movie.

Im sure that this movie will be like a time capsule for the future, new tech has been shown and Im not sure if that’s a good basis to have a kind of tech or gadgets in the real world. But it’s a good start and I think that’s one of the agenda of the new Star Wars movie --- give us a wow factor not just for the story and characters, but also for the tech used.

Btw, this is the 1st Star Wars movie that is under the Walt Disney Company, I expect it to be a bit less violent and less noisy vs. the prequel trilogy (i'm just looking at the modern version of filming). And I was right, its not too noisy or loud (with lots of bang bang pew pew effects), not too violent (like the last two prequels) and closely to kid friendly genre that can give us no worries when there’s a kid around.

If there’s a kid friendly content in this new Star Wars, there are also content aimed for adults, geeky old fans might dig the space battles, tech used or maybe the fight scenes, we can’t help but compare the scenes and the characters of Star Wars: The Force Awakens vs. Star Wars: A New Hope – Return of the Jedi, and I can’t avoid it…my mind keeps on processing all the info and its like there’s a Star Wars app in my brain that auto compares the new Stormtrooper vs. the old Stormtrooper… which trooper are the best ??? who’s the baddest villain? who’s better Luke? Fin? Rey? or Poe? as new heroes of the movie, or who’s the better and useful droid ever BB-8 or R2D2.

I'm not sure if you did the same too… but for an old fan..its hard to avoid it. My suggestion… be prepared for a roller coaster ride of your life hahaha.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie will live on its own, it’s a start of a new adventure that will be patronized by new audiences, for the old fans, we will hang on and still continue to support this because its Star Wars! we hunger for new story, new adventures and new butterflies in our stomach.

Honestly, In the mid part of the movie, I found it weak..maybe because it’s a Disney film due to kid friendly dialogues and scenes, but later on as the movie catch up after re-building the characters in the story, you will find the love, the hate and also the fear til the end of the movie. You’ll balance yourself and think who will win in this new movie – the light side or the dark side. And that’s the fun part!

There are lots of nostalgic moments in the new movie, and old fans can relate..get ready for it..and if you found yourself laughing or reacting with 4 more people inside the cinema, then good to hear..there is another old fans in the theater watching with you.

Overall, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is like an infant, just like the new characters, they will still evolve in part 8, they will be in their best and baddest form that can change the universe of Star Wars, just like in other movies, the 2nd part or sequel is much better than the first, why? because we hunger for more and we’re not yet satisfied..but seeing a new story and new characters, its just an appetizer for me and Im not yet full.

I'm giving Star Wars: The Force Awakens a movie rating of 7/10
Why not 8 or 9?? Because its just a start…this is just a salad for a three course meal

Btw, I’ve posted on Instagram and Facebook my initial non spoiler review after coming out of the cinema, I mentioned – “it brings back the awesomeness, wow factor and scifi fairytale-like storytelling that captures back a fan, expose a non fan and new fan to the adventurous universe of star wars”

Well that’s it..

Watch the movie while its hot….and be careful for Spoilers posted on Facebook and Instagram, some people are trying to kill the excitement..Im glad my side is over..whew…back to normal life

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
showing Dec. 17, 2015 in all Philippine cinema.
It will take a break on December 25, 2015 for the MMFF and be back on January 8, 2016
While for IMAX movie – it will still run normally without a break on Dec 25 onwards.

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